3 Health Benefits of iWave Air Purifiers

Sep 05, 2022

When you want to reduce your allergy symptoms or lower the risk of getting sick after you have people over at your home, you’ll want to consider an iWave air purifier. These in-unit air purifiers are installed directly in your HVAC systems and produce particles that clean the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch. If you’re interested in breathing cleaner air at your home and potentially improving your overall health, find out more about the top health benefits of iWave air purifier installation.

What Are iWave Air Purifiers?

iWave systems are a type of air purifier that fits inside your HVAC system and uses needle-point bi-polar ionization to generate an equal number of negatively-charged and positively-charged ions. These ions then purify your air by eliminating the hydrogen molecules in microorganisms like mold, viruses, and bacteria. Once they break down these particles, they turn them into harmless compounds like oxygen or water vapor. These ions also cause small allergens, like dust and pollen, to band together so your HVAC system’s air filter can catch them.

The unique design of iWave air purifiers makes them incredibly popular among many homeowners. Alongside offering highly effective, whole-home air purification, they’re self-cleaning, need little to no ongoing maintenance, and don’t take up any space in your home. These systems even offer cost-saving opportunities, making them a smart financial investment over other air purifiers on the market today.

The Top 3 Health Advantages of iWave Air Purifiers

Alongside the advantages listed above, iWave air purifiers can improve your health. Learn more about the top three health benefits of iWave air purifiers below:

1. Reduced Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies or asthma due to pollen or dust, an iWave system can help you reduce your allergy or asthma symptoms. Since dust and pollen are so small, they often pass through an AC’s standard air filter and continue to circulate throughout your home. With an iWave system, those particles will clump together, getting stuck inside your air filter rather than spreading throughout your home. As a result, you’ll likely experience fewer symptoms associated with asthma or allergies.

2. Bacteria and Virus Protection

No one likes to get sick, and an iWave system can help prevent it. Viruses and bacteria need hydrogen to keep them alive, and the iWave’s ions target these molecules to provide better air filtration. Once the ions contact a virus or bacteria, they’ll eliminate the hydrogen molecule, causing the virus or bacteria to die.

Besides attacking common viruses and bacteria, iWave systems have proven effective against SARS-CoV Delta—the virus that causes COVID-19. For example, one test showed that an iWave system reduced an airborne SARS-CoV-2 Delta ion density of -22,000 by 98.70% in 60-minutes. The testing also revealed that the iWave system reduced an airborne SARS-CoV-2 density of -18,000 by 98.33% in 60 minutes.

3. No Harmful Ozone Byproducts

Other air purifiers that use UV light to create ionization can potentially emit significant amounts of ozone, especially if they’re installed improperly. Since ozone byproducts can be dangerous to human health, some UV lamps can be more dangerous than their worth. Unlike these products, iWave systems don’t produce unsafe levels of ozone, making them a much healthier and safer choice for homeowners.

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