4 Long-Term Savings of iWave Air Purifiers

May 23, 2022

If you want to improve your indoor air quality and save money doing it, iWave systems are an excellent choice. Due to their health benefits and cost savings, they’re an excellent investment for any homeowner. Learn more about what these air purifiers are and how they can save you money.

What Are iWave Air Purifiers?

iWave air purifiers use needle-point bi-polar ionization to create positively-charged and negatively-charged ions. These ions spread throughout your home, breaking down harmful particles, such as odors, smoke, allergens, viruses, pathogens, and mold. After breaking down these particles, the ions turn them into harmless compounds like oxygen or water vapor. 

iWave systems also kill dangerous microorganisms and cause pollen, dust, and other allergens to clump together, so your HVAC filter can more easily catch them. Additionally, these systems are installed inside HVAC systems, meaning you won’t ever notice them.

How Can iWave Air Purifiers Save You Money?

While iWave air purifiers have some upfront costs, they can actually save you money over time and potentially pay for themselves. With their minimal maintenance requirements, proficiency at removing viruses and mold, lack of filter replacement requirements, and ability to increase home value, they can be incredibly cost-effective compared to other air purifiers. Find out more about the top four ways these systems can save you money below:

1. No Maintenance Requirements

One of the biggest long-term savings associated with iWave systems comes from their minimal maintenance requirements. Due to these systems’ use of bipolar ionization, they don’t ever need replacement parts or maintenance throughout their entire life. These systems are also self-cleaning, meaning you’ll never have to hire a technician to wash them. Since you won’t have to pay for maintenance, replacement parts, or cleaning services, these systems can provide you with long-term savings compared to other air purifiers that require replacement parts and regular maintenance.

2. Less Risk of Mold and Sickness Related Costs

iWave air purifiers excel at removing airborne viruses, mold spores, and allergens from your home’s air by breaking them down and turning them into harmless compounds. Since mold can make you sick and damage your home, using an iWave reduces the risks of costs related to home repairs or mold-related sicknesses. The iWave’s ability to kill certain viruses and remove allergens can also help you avoid getting sick or having to pay for medication, leading to cost savings.

3. No Air Filters Needed

Unlike other air purifiers, iWave air purifiers don’t have filters you’ll need to change. While you’ll still want to swap out your HVAC filter at its recommended intervals, you’ll never have to pay for new filters for your iWave air purifier. As a result, you’ll save money by avoiding recurring replacement filter costs that you’d have to pay for with other types of air purifiers.  

4. Potential Increase in Home Value

If you plan to sell your home in the future, an iWave system can potentially increase your home’s value. Since many homebuyers want the best air quality possible, they’ll often pay more if you have an iWave air purifier installed in your home. When you sell your home, the improved indoor air quality from the system can lead to a higher price, helping you make back the money you invested in the system.

Choose Newcomb and Company for iWave Air Purifier Installation in Raleigh

If you need iWave air purifier installation in Raleigh, turn to Newcomb and Company. Our indoor air quality experts can install these systems in your home and ensure you’re breathing the cleanest air possible. Besides our team’s ability to install iWave air purifiers, they can also provide several other indoor air quality solutions, such as duct, attic, and crawl space sealing, to increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower its environmental impact.

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