4 Signs You Are Due For Toilet Replacement

Jul 11, 2022

Most people don’t like thinking about their toilet, but high water bills, constant clogs, leaks, and a few other issues can make you have to. While many problems can be solved with a repair, you should know the primary warning signs you need to replace your toilet to prevent an issue from spiraling out of control. Instead of trying to figure out if you need a replacement on your own, review the four most common signs you need toilet replacement services.

1. Your Toilet Is Old

If your toilet is over 25 years old, it’s probably time to replace it. While a toilet can work longer than this date, an older model will likely consume more water. In fact, prior to the Energy Policy Act of 1992, toilets used an average of 3.5 gallons per flush. After the act was enacted in 1994, toilets had to not use more than 1.6 gallons per flush. To reduce your water consumption, you’ll want to replace your toilet if it was manufactured before 1994.

Besides wasting water, older toilets are more likely to clog and overflow due to their low-flow design. By replacing your low-flow toilet with a new model, you’ll make it so you don’t have to spend a lot of time unclogging your toilet or cleaning up overflows. Additionally, opting for toilet replacement services is often more cost-effective since a newer model will require less maintenance and consume less water.

2. Clogs Are Always an Issue

Your toilet shouldn’t clog all the time, but if it does, you probably have an older model that needs to be replaced. Due to the low-flow design of older models, they’re far less efficient at flushing compared to newer toilets. However, before you replace the toilet, hire a plumber to inspect your pipes, especially if you have a newer model. Sometimes, constant clogging can be because of an obstruction in your pipes, so make sure you have a plumber check before you purchase a replacement.

3. Your Toilet Leaks 

A toilet shouldn’t be leaking water onto your bathroom floor. If you notice water on the ground, you could have an issue with a hairline crack. While you probably don’t want to be stepping in toilet water anyways, letting your toilet continue to leak can cause long-term issues, such as mold, rot, and mildew growth. 

Once you notice toilet water on the floor, you’ll want to take action immediately. If you can see a crack on the bottom section of your toilet’s tank or base, your toilet’s likely past the point of repair and will need a replacement. When you can’t spot a crack, hire a plumber to inspect the toilet. They might find you just need to replace some seals, or they could spot a hidden leak that could continue to get worse if you don’t replace your toilet.

4. The Toilet Won’t Stop Running

When toilet water from the tank keeps flowing into the bowl long after you flush the toilet, you might need a replacement. However, you’ll want a plumber to check if the issue is caused by a failing part, such as a damaged flapper or broken handle. If replacing a failing part doesn’t work, and the toilet keeps running, you’ll likely need to replace the toilet. A replacement will get rid of the annoying sound of running water and save you money on your monthly water bills.

Choose Newcomb and Company for Toilet Replacement in Raleigh

If you notice any of the signs above, turn to Newcomb and Company for toilet replacement services in Raleigh. Due to our expertise in providing residential and commercial plumbing services in the triangle area, we can inspect your toilet to see if it needs replacement and recommend the right replacement model for your needs. When you choose us for our new toilet installation services, we’ll remove your old model and install a new, more efficient toilet. 

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