4 Steps to Get Your AC Ready for Spring

Mar 28, 2022

As spring approaches and the weather starts to warm up, you’ll be kicking your air conditioner back on and expecting it to work. However, before turning your system on, it’s a good idea to perform an AC tune-up to ensure it runs properly. With just four steps, you can prepare your AC for the spring and summer.

1. Replace Your AC’s Filter

Your AC’s filter is responsible for catching contaminants, dirt, and dust before they enter your unit and spread throughout your home. Over time, air filters will get clogged with the debris they collect, inhibiting airflow into the unit. This inhibited airflow will cause your unit to work harder to cool your home and decrease its energy efficiency.

Before you turn on your AC, take a moment to replace your AC’s filter with a new one. By replacing the filter, you’ll ensure your AC operates as efficiently as possible during the spring. When you replace your filter, make sure you pick one that fits your unit by checking the older filter’s size.

2. Remove Debris

With the fall and winter bringing falling leaves and branches, outdoor AC units often collect debris in and around them during these colder seasons. One of the simplest ways you can get your AC ready for spring is to remove any debris from your outdoor unit, as this debris can clog your unit and cause it to work harder to cool your home.

To properly clean your outdoor unit, start by removing any dead leaves, branches, shrubbery, and trash that’s on or around your unit. Next, vacuum your unit’s fins to remove any dirt. If you use an outdoor cover on your unit, take it off and check that no debris is inside the unit. After completing these steps, your AC should be ready to take on the warm spring air and avoid any issues caused by a dirty outdoor unit.

3. Clean Your Air Ducts

Another step you should take to prepare your AC for warmer air is to clean your air ducts. These ducts are responsible for distributing air into your home, and your AC will sometimes recycle air from them. When your ducts aren’t cleaned, they can start to trap dust, debris, and allergens inside them. 

To clean your air ducts, remove their vent covers and wash them off. Next, tap the sides of the ductwork to loosen up any dust, and then use a vacuum hose to suck up the dirt inside the ductwork. Finally, wipe off the ductwork’s walls with a damp paper towel to remove any remaining dust or debris.

4. Schedule an AC Tune-Up and Inspection

While you can clean your ducts, remove debris, and replace your air filter on your own, a professional inspection is invaluable. Since HVAC professionals know the ins and outs of AC units, they can spot issues you probably won’t notice on your own and provide more complicated repairs and AC maintenance services.

By scheduling an inspection, an HVAC professional can ensure your AC will run well as the weather gets warmer. If they end up finding an issue, they can also repair the issue fast, preventing the issue from getting worse and harming your HVAC system even more. 

Choose Newcomb and Company for AC Maintenance Services in Raleigh

If you live in Raleigh, Wilmington, or the surrounding areas, our team of HVAC professionals at Newcomb and Company can provide you with an AC tune-up to get your system ready for spring. Once we inspect your unit, we can provide AC repairs to help your system run at its best and operate at peak efficiency. You can either schedule us for a one-time appointment or sign up for one of our comfort contracts, where we’ll provide HVAC maintenance services year-round.

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