5 Programmable Thermostat Tips and Tricks

Sep 08, 2021

Like any home device, your smart programmable thermostat is only helpful when you know how to use it. Unlocking the full potential of your thermostat can save you time and money while promoting your comfort and convenience. The local heating and cooling experts at Newcomb and Company are here with 5 tips that can help you make the most of your programmable thermostat.

Program Your Thermostat for Better Sleep

Not only can they help keep you comfortable, but programmable thermostats can also help you sleep better at night. Your body’s internal temperature lowers at night around bedtime until roughly 5 am, according to Healthline. Research suggests that lowering your thermostat settings at night can help promote better sleep. The best part of a programmable thermostat is that it can help you achieve the best possible configurations without having to manually adjust it each day. To make the most of your programmable thermostat, consider setting it to lower by a few degrees each night and raise the temperature again around 5 am each morning.

Pair with Your Digital Assistant

The ease of voice command can help make your smart programmable thermostat hands-free and accessible. Thermostats like the Google Nest are easy to pair with a digital assistant. Whether you have an Amazon Alexa, Google Home Hub, or Apple’s Siri, you can change the temperature with simple voice commands. With this compatibility, adjusting the thermostat is as simple as saying, “Alexa, set the temperature to 72 degrees.”

Download the App

Many smart programmable thermostats have an app that allows you to control your home’s temperature from your phone. Using the app, you will never have to worry about whether or not you forgot to adjust the thermostat when you leave for the day or head out on vacation. Simply adjust your air conditioner or heating system from your phone (assuming you do not have any pets in need of comfort). When you head home, you can adjust the temperature again to ensure it is comfortable on arrival. Smart thermostat apps can help you save money without ever sacrificing comfort.

Check and Change the Batteries

Most newer programmable thermostats come with smart technology features that make them communicative and accessible. However, not all programmable thermostats will tell you when the battery is low. If you have a battery-powered thermostat, be sure to check the batteries once a month. You should also change the batteries roughly once each year. This will help prevent thermostat blank screens and keep your unit working as it should.

Finding the Right HVAC System

Even the most advanced, effective thermostat is powerless against a failing HVAC system. To make the most of your programmable or smart thermostat, it is essential to keep up with regular HVAC system maintenance. High-quality HVAC maintenance will also include thermostat calibration. This service can help you troubleshoot system issues by ensuring that your thermostat is not the cause of problems.

Newcomb and Company Programmable Thermostat Installation

If you are ready to upgrade to a new programmable thermostat, the experts at Newcomb and Company are here for you! We offer programmable thermostat installation, maintenance, and replacement. Our local professionals also serve a comprehensive range of HVAC services, including repair, installation, maintenance, and so much more. Newcomb and Company proudly serves the heating and cooling needs of businesses and homes in Raleigh, Wilmington, and surrounding areas like Cary, Garner, Knightdale, Clayton, Castle Hayne, Leland, Carolina Beach, and beyond. Make your appointment to get started today!

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