Dec 05, 2019

Does my Furnace Need Service?

As the North Carolina weather becomes cooler, you might be gradually becoming more dependant on your home’s furnace. It is important that your furnace is in working order as the season becomes colder. Staying ahead of furnace repairs can help you lower service costs and prevent damage to your unit, keeping it working when you need it most. Here are four signs that you might need furnace repair.

Declination of Furnace Function

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you are in need of a furnace repair is a loss or declination of furnace function. You might notice that your unit is slower to heat your home, produces less heat than usual, or simply stops producing heat at all. If it is no longer heating your home like it used to, you know it is time for a furnace repair or replacement. Your HVAC expert will first check to ensure that this is not a problem with your thermostat, and find the exact source of your furnace issue. They will then create a repair plan that works with your heating unit and your budget.

High Electric Bills

When your furnace is experiencing an issue, it will have to work harder than usual to produce heat for your home. This may cause a spike in your monthly electric bills to occur. When you notice this increase in electric bill costs, contact your local HVAC experts for a consultation. These local heating professionals can run diagnostics to detect any issue that your furnace may be experiencing.

Unusual Furnace Noises

When it comes to your furnace function, you might not experience complete silence (even from newer furnaces), but the noises your unit produces should remain consistent year after year. As a general rule, if a noise your furnace is producing sounds like it could be an issue, it probably is. New and unusual noises can signal a problem with your system that you will want to address before it creates costly damage.

Age of Your Furnace

The age of your unit could impact your furnace’s performance, meaning that you might need repairs more frequently if you have an older unit. If the repair costs begin to add up, it may be time for a new unit. Your HVAC specialists will help guide you through your heater’s repair costs, letting you know whether or not it is feasible to continue servicing damages instead of replacing the furnace altogether.

Maintenance Visit Recommendations

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Has your furnace received the care it needs? During furnace maintenance visits, your heating professionals will complete manufacturer-recommended services to your unit and check for signs of needed repairs. These maintenance visits effectively prevent issues with your unit. If you find that your furnace hasn’t received proper maintenance, it might be due for a repair sooner than necessary. Maintenance visits allow you to catch signs of repairs early to save you money on your furnace upkeep costs.

Furnace Repair Experts | Heating Service Near Me

If you are unsure of whether or not your furnace is due for maintenance or repair, contact the experts at Newcomb and Company. Our professionals will work with you to ensure that your unit is in proper working order and ready for this winter. We even drive fully-stocked trucks in an attempt to complete quick same-day repairs. For local furnace repair in Wilmington and furnace repair in Raleigh, contact the heating professionals at Newcomb and Company today!

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