8 Energy Conservation Tips To Get You Ready for Earth Day

Apr 20, 2021

Earth Day is this week—April 22. Many homeowners use this as an opportunity to implement energy conservation practices and upgrades within their homes. Newcomb and Company is here with 8 tips to help you get started!

Plant a Tree, Save on Your Energy Bills

While it may sound cliche, consider planting a tree this Earth Day! Planting a tree in your yard can have multiple positive effects on the environment. As for energy savings, trees provide shade for your home. According to the EPA, this shade and evapotranspiration can reduce peak summer temperatures by 2–9°F. The shade provided by your trees can help reduce your need for energy-consuming air conditioning. You can save money and enjoy the sight of your new landscaping.

Regular Air Filter Changes: Good For You and the Planet

When your air filters become clogged, your HVAC system needs to work harder to circulate air. This leads to higher energy bills and puts your system at risk for damage. In addition to protecting your unit and lowering your energy bills, regular air filter changes can also help improve the air quality in your home.

Unplug Unused Electronics

One easy, age-old way to save energy is to unplug electronics when they are not in use. As they sit idle, they consume what is called standby power. These devices continuously circulate charge so they can be ready to turn on at any moment. Small electronics, like phone chargers and lights, are easy to unplug each morning when you are done using them at night. When going out of town, you might also consider unplugging your televisions, coffee machines, and larger electronics that you typically use frequently enough to leave them plugged in around the clock.

Switch To Energy-Efficient Appliances

Upgrading your appliances to energy-efficient models can save you money and energy. The government uses ENERGY STAR ratings to help you decide which appliances are right for you. When it comes to your HVAC system, look for a low SEER rating, such as those found in Carrier units. Depending on your area, efficiency upgrades can qualify for tax rebates.

Programmable Thermostats for Energy Savings

Are you wasting money running your HVAC during the day when your house is empty? A programmable thermostat can help you cut your energy use while saving you money. These systems will automatically lower your thermostat when your home is empty during the day. According to the Department of Energy, this can reduce your energy consumption by 10%.

Strategically Using Blinds and Curtains

Strategic use of your blinds and curtain can help you save money and energy each season:

  • Sunlight: Your home’s windows can let in natural sunlight, which helps lower your lighting energy usage.
  • Summer Shade: In the summer, drawing your curtains and blinds shut can help naturally keep your home cooler.
  • Winter Warmth: Keeping your curtains and blinds open can help you feel warmer in the winter months.
  • Nighttime Usage: In the winter, shutting your curtains and blinds at night can provide insulation between your home and the cool nights. Keeping them open at night in the summer can help let some of the colder temperatures into your home.

Switch to an Efficient Showerhead

Efficient showerheads can help you conserve water and energy without sacrificing your shower comfort. These installations lessen your water consumption, which minimizes the amount of water diverted from natural water sources. You will also use less energy to heat the water used for your shower. According to the EPA, if every home in America switched to efficient showerheads, we would save $2.9 billion in water costs and $2.5 billion in energy costs each year—making these installations good for the environment and your wallet.

HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is good for your wallet, your system, and the planet. Without manufacturer-recommended care, your unit will need to work harder and consume more energy to operate. Your HVAC system can also encounter more frequent problems and a limited system lifespan. Seasonal maintenance helps preserve your system, warranty, unit, and environment.

Newcomb and Company Efficiency Services

If you are ready to make your home more efficient for Earth Day, Newcomb and Company is here for you. We have a wide variety of efficiency and maintenance services that can help make your world a little greener. Our experts proudly serve homes and businesses in Raleigh, Wilmington, and surrounding areas like Knightdale, Clayton, Cary, Garner, Castle Hayne, Leland, and beyond. Make your appointment here today to get started!

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