Jun 06, 2019

5 Ways to Cool Your Home if Your AC is Broken

It can be a bit of a nightmare to endure the summer temperatures without a properly working air conditioner. You might be left wondering, “How can I cool my home with a broken AC?” If your AC is broken, you don’t have to face the summer heat on your own—the professionals at Newcomb and Company are here to help! Here are seven ways that you can cool your home until your air conditioning unit is repaired.

Draw Your Blinds

One of the best ways to maintain a cool home with a broken air conditioner is to minimize the heat you are producing within your home. One of the quickest and easiest ways that you can do this is to close your blinds and curtains. While letting the sunlight into your home can provide peaceful, natural lighting, it can also let the sun’s heat raise the temperature of your space. Close the blinds and draw your curtains to minimize this natural heating.

Reduce Oven Use

Your large appliances naturally generate energy and let off heat. This is especially true of meal preparation appliances, such as your oven and stove top. When your air conditioner is out of order, try sticking with meals that do not have to be heated or cooked until your HVAC system is repaired. This will reduce the amount of heat you generate within your home, making your space comparatively colder.

Incorporate Energy Efficiency

One way to keep your home cooler without air conditioning is to use energy-efficient light bulbs and other home energy savers. Older and less efficient light bulbs can emit more heat than energy-efficient alternatives. There are plenty of other ways that your home may be operating inefficiently, which can contribute to your home’s inability to retain cool air. Consider getting a home performance audit to check for areas of low efficiency. These could include vulnerabilities in your attic, window panes, doorways, crawl spaces, and so much more. By minimizing the amount of energy used in your home, you will also be minimizing the amount of heat generated by these systems. This comes with the added effect of a more eco-friendly space, which often means lower electric bills.

Natural Cooling

If you live in an area that is colder at night, take advantage of this natural cooling system. You can open your windows after the sun sets to let the warm air out and let the cool air in. When the temperatures begin to rise the next day, close your windows to lock this cool air in. This, of course, only works in the weather allows. Check the forecast at night to ensure that there will be no precipitation. It is also important that you take proper precautions; theft-resistant window locks can make sure that your windows can only be opened to a certain height, and it is important to have your screens in place to prevent pests from entering your home at night.

Fan Cooling

While they cannot completely cool your home, fans can be a sufficient short-term substitute for properly working air conditioning units. Remember, fans only work to make you feel cooler while you are in the room with them, they do not actually make the air colder. This is because they create a wind chill effect on your skin. If you leave your fan on when you are not in the room, you are only wasting energy rather than generating cool air. However, switching your fan on might help you endure the heat until your air conditioning is back in working condition.

Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

Don’t let air conditioning issues affect your summer fun. The professionals at Newcomb and Company can have your air conditioning system up and running in no time. Our technicians drive fully-stocked trucks in an effort to complete same-day repairs. If you are looking for air conditioning repair in Wilmington or air conditioning repair in Raleigh, contact the professionals at Newcomb and Company today!

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