Controlling Your Thermostat with a Digital Assistant

Oct 05, 2021

Sometimes called virtual or smart assistants, digital assistants for thermostats offer homeowners an easier way to manage their home’s temperature and keep energy costs low. Controlling your thermostat with a digital assistant gives you more options than ever to improve your HVAC system’s usage and helps you make your home even smarter. If you’re interested in conveniently managing your home’s temperature and energy expenses, you’ll want to know what digital assistants are and why you’ll want to use them.

What Is a Digital Assistant for a Thermostat?

Digital assistants for thermostats are a kind of software used in programmable thermostats. These digital assistants are installed inside smart speakers, allowing users to communicate with them. Many people have popular smart assistants, like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, in their homes, giving users the ability to play music, receive answers to questions, turn on lights, or even make a grocery list without ever lifting a finger.

Another popular use for digital assistants is to pair them with a programmable thermostat. With a digital assistant, you can give a voice command to set the temperature and have the thermostat perform other functions. Instead of having to get up to check your home’s temperature or to adjust the settings, all you have to do is ask your smart speaker a question or give it directions.

Why Control Your Thermostat with a Digital Assistant?

Once you pair your smart thermostat with a compatible digital assistant, you can use your virtual assistant to receive several advantages. Some of the top reasons you’ll want to use a digital assistant with your thermostat include convenient temperature setting, easy temperature management, and greater energy performance and savings.

Find out more about why you’ll want to control your thermostat with a digital assistant below:

1. Convenient Temperature Setting

One of the biggest reasons to control your thermostat with a digital assistant is how easy it makes changing your temperature settings. When you want to change the temperature, you only have to say a simple prompt, such as “Alexa, set the thermostat to 70.” Instead of having to get off the couch or set things down when your hands are full, digital assistants make temperature setting much more convenient.

Digital assistants also are a huge help if you’re in a rush to get out of the house. Since you can save money by setting your AC to a higher temperature in the summer while you’re away, remembering to change it before you leave is essential. As you’re getting ready to go, you can tell your digital assistant to set the temperature higher for a specific duration, keeping you on your current task and getting you out the door faster.

2. Easy Temperature Management

Besides setting your home’s temperature, digital assistants make it easy to manage the temperature based on the room or time. Since you can often name your thermostats in different rooms, you can change a room’s temperature without adjusting the whole home. For example, if you have a Google Assistant paired with your thermostat, all you’ll have to say to change a room’s temperature is, “Okay Google, set Living Room to 72.”

Besides controlling a specific room’s temperature, you can also use a digital assistant to manage your home’s temperature at different times of the day. If you know you’ll be away from home for eight hours, you can tell your digital assistant to set the AC to a higher temperature for seven hours, with the AC switching back to its default lower temperature after this time period ends. By managing your home’s temperature, you can save money on energy costs while still walking back into a cool home.

3. Greater Energy Performance and Savings

You can usually pair your digital assistant with your smartphone and your programmable thermostat. By connecting all of these devices and programs, you can often check the performance of your HVAC system’s energy usage, spot irregular temperature changes, and even change your home’s temperature remotely. Essentially, digital assistants can give you more data you can use to make decisions about your home’s energy usage and develop better performance strategies.

Increasing your energy performance with a digital assistant can also provide you with financial benefits. Since you can easily tell your thermostat to turn off or change to a higher or lower temperature while you’re gone, you can reduce your energy usage when you don’t need it. As a result, you’ll likely lower your energy costs, leading to more money in your pocket each month.

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