Do I Have A Burst Pipe? 7 Signs of Pipe Issues

Feb 23, 2021

Your plumbing system is often “out of sight, out of mind,” but it is essential to know what is going on behind your walls. Especially in the winter season, pipes are vulnerable and prone to bursts. Catching a leaking pipe early is the key to minimizing water damage. Here are 7 signs of a burst pipe, brought to you by the Raleigh plumbing experts at Newcomb and Company.

Burst Pipe Sign 1: Standing or Leaking Water

Perhaps the most transparent sign of a burst pipe is standing water, dripping water, or water stains. When your pipes are releasing water into your home, you are bound to find it sooner or later. The severity of your water damage will correspond to the severity of your pipe damage and how long your water loss has gone undetected.

Here is our complete guide to what you should do when you find a home water leak.

Burst Pipe Sign 2: Cold Weather and Water Troubles

Colder temperatures can freeze the water standing in your pipe. Water tends to expand as it freezes, which can rupture your pipe—this is one of the most common causes of burst pipes. If the weather has been freezing overnight and your faucets are not producing water in the morning, this means you could have a burst pipe.

Burst Pipe Sign 3: Higher Water Bills

Breaks and leaks in your pipes will release water—sometimes gradually, other times at rapid rates. While your water bills will likely fluctuate from month to month, a drastic increase in water consumption is usually the sign of a plumbing problem. When a burst pipe is draining a constant flow of water, you will see it reflected in your next bill. If you have auto-pay in place for your water bill, you might still consider checking it every month to ensure there is not a problem.

Burst Pipe Sign 4: Saturated Yard or Sink Holes

Many homes have pipes running through their yard. Deep underground is an especially cold environment, which could leave these pipes vulnerable to expansion, bursts, and breaks. When an underground pipe breaks, it may release water into your yard. In this case, your yard may seem saturated, even without rain. In worst-case scenarios, this can lead to dangerous yard sinkholes.

Burst Pipe Sign 5: Unusual Sounds, Colors, or Smells

Gaps in your pipes not only release water but can also invite water infiltration—leading to unusual sounds, colors, and unpleasant smells.

  • Water Sounds—When pipe damage lets air in, your water may make gurgling or bubbling noises.
  • Unusual Colors—Brownish water coloring is often a sign that your pipe is corroded and damaged.
  • Foul Smells—Sewage-like smells coming from your faucet, showers, or sinks often indicate an issue with your water mainline.

Your water quality should be consistent. When something changes, it is often the sign of an issue somewhere in your plumbing system. Instead of ignoring potential problems, it is important to call an expert to ensure the safety of your home when something seems unusual.

Burst Pipe Sign 6: Lower Water Pressure

A leak in your pipe will cause some of your water flow to be diverted away from your shower, faucet, or appliance. This could lead to a decrease in water pressure. In severe cases, you may even find yourself without any flowing water at all. If you notice low water pressure or lessened water levels, this could be a sign of a burst pipe.

Burst Pipe Sign 7: Less Hot Water

While depleted hot water supply is often the sign of an issue with your water heater, it could also be signaling pipe damage. Much like with water pressure, a diverted flow of water could be draining your hot water. This will cause you to use up your hot water supply much faster than you might otherwise.

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