Do I Need an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Sep 21, 2020

Taking care of your home is essential to saving money, keeping your systems working efficiently, and avoiding costly repairs. One way to make home care easy and affordable is with an annual HVAC maintenance plan. The team at Newcomb and Company recently partnered with CBS to share further information about HVAC maintenance plans. Watch our video here or read our recap below to learn more!

What is a Maintenance Plan?

Manufacturers recommend certain care routines to keep HVAC equipment working efficiently and effectively. Some of these routines—such as air filter changes—are frequent and easy for homeowners to complete. Other services—such as evaporator coil cleaning, motor checks, equipment inspections, capacitor test, thermostat calibration, and refrigerant level checks—take professional insight and equipment.

A maintenance plan includes two annual visits—once for your heating equipment and once for your cooling equipment.

What are the Benefits of a Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plan?

Here at Newcomb and Company, we call our maintenance plans Comfort Contracts because they work to keep your home comfortable year-round. This bundle is more affordable than scheduling individual visits for maintenance. Best of all, repairs and needed services are discounted under your maintenance plan—earning you 15% off of parts and labor costs and lower service fees.

Beyond just the convenience and savings of a maintenance plan, the maintenance itself has a wealth of benefits for homeowners to enjoy:

  • Low Energy Costs: During a maintenance visit, an expert will check to ensure that your equipment is working efficiently, helping you lower your carbon footprint and your energy bills.
  • Stay Comfortable: Clean, well cared for equipment works more effectively—meaning that you can stay comfortable while saving money.
  • Safety Checks: Safety is a priority in every home. Maintenance visits check for safety hazards to keep your home protected.
  • Prevent HVAC Damage: Proper maintenance helps prevent costly damage, leading to fewer repairs and a longer system lifespan before your next HVAC replacement.
  • Catch Issues Early: When a repair is needed, a maintenance visit may help your HVAC professionals catch the issue early, preventing inconvenience and leading to smaller services.

What is Included in a Maintenance Plan?

With a Newcomb and Company Comfort Contract, you get:

  • Two maintenance visits each year (one for your heating equipment and one for your cooling equipment)
  • Thorough heating system care
    • Replace or clean air filters
    • Thermostat calibration
    • Check your unit’s fan, blower, and motor
    • Inspect safety controls and electrical connections
    • Inspect and clean equipment
    • And more
  • Thorough cooling system care
    • Replace or clean air filters
    • Check AC refrigerant levels
    • Check AC compressor
    • Inspect/clean AC drain line
    • Check/clean coils
    • Thermostat calibration
    • Check your unit’s fan, blower, and motor
    • Inspect safety controls and electrical connections
    • And more

As mentioned above, a maintenance contract also includes priority service and additional savings.

Newcomb and Company HVAC Maintenance

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