Apr 08, 2019

It’s never too early to form good habits, and energy conservation is a great place to begin. Earth Day is on April 22, and it’s the perfect occasion to get your kids thinking about what energy is and the ways in which they use it. These Earth Day energy conservation tips for kids will teach them to live in a way that puts less stress on the environment, and might even lower your energy bills!

Energy Conservation Activities

  • Have your kids go on a scavenger hunt for incandescent bulbs around your house. Replace any they find with CFLs or LEDs, which use 25%-80% less energy than incandescents.
  • Remind children to unplug fully charged devices and to turn them off when not in use.
  • Turn off the faucet while kids brush their teeth, and encourage older children to take showers instead of baths.
  • Make sure your kids close the fridge every time they grab a snack. Refrigerators are one of the best heat exchanger examples around the house, so it’s a great opportunity to teach older kids how fridges work.
  • Encourage your child to turn the lights off whenever he or she leaves the room. Install smart switches so little ones can tell Google or Alexa or Siri to turn off the lights. Even toddlers who can’t reach light switches can get in on the action – just hook lights up to ‘The Clapper’!
  • Rather than running the dishwasher’s dry cycle, ask your child to dry the dishes. It saves energy and teaches them the importance of helping out around the house.
  • Open up your curtains and blinds on winter mornings. In the summer, make sure they’re closed. Your kids can be in charge of opening and closing the blinds when they wake up and before they go to sleep.

Finding ways of conserving energy for kids makes them feel empowered and reminds them that they are members of a global community. Kids learn by example, so make energy conservation a priority. If you’re buying new appliances, look for Energy Star certification. Ask your child to join you on a DIY home energy audit, or enlist a Newcomb and Company tech to help you find ways to increase energy efficiency in your home. You’ll lower your bills and teach your child about energy at the same time.

Want to find other ways to celebrate Earth Day in North Carolina? North Carolina state parks are hosting events throughout the state – find one near you!

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