May 06, 2019

3 Tips for Making your NC Home More Energy Efficient

As temperatures rise to meet the steadily-approaching summer weather, now is the time to begin planning for the change in season. Rather than preparing your funding for rising bill payments, instead prepare your home to operate more efficient in the North Carolina weather. Here are three important considerations for making your home ready for the heat of the summer.

Update Your HVAC

If your HVAC system is beginning to show signs of deficiency, you are likely paying higher energy bills because your system needs to work harder to compensate for its deterioration. Investing in a new HVAC system can help you save money on your electric bill year-round.

If your HVAC system is dated, you might want to consider switching to a system that is more energy efficient to help you save money in the long run. Energy efficient systems come with lower utility bills helping you pay back your investment in no time. When shopping for an energy efficient system, you want to look for the SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER rating indicates the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner and heat pump systems; the higher the SEER number the greater the efficiency and savings are! The Carrier brand offers several systems that are incredibly energy efficient and can help save you money. Partnered with Newcomb and Company’s 3-year warranty on all Carrier systems, Carrier is the perfect option if you are looking to upgrade your HVAC system to a more efficient alternative.

If you hope to save money through your HVAC system without buying a replacement, consider engaging routine seasonal maintenance. This involves inspecting your AC coils and air filters for excess dirt or wear and attending to them accordingly. By keeping your HVAC system in prime condition, you can help keep it running at its best and saving you as much money as possible.

Seal Your Crawl Space

If your home doesn’t seem to retain the heat or air conditioning well, vulnerabilities in your home’s crawl space may be the culprit. These spaces often serve as the barrier between your active living spaces and the outside temperatures. When they are not properly protected from external temperatures, these crawl spaces can affect your home’s air distribution by exchanging your indoor air with that of the outdoors. Sealing your crawl space can also come with added benefits of improvement in your home’s air quality and a reduced rate of inflation rate for your home. Getting your crawl space sealed can help you keep the cool air inside of your living areas this summer, which is sure to reflect in your electric bill and in the comfort of your home.

Protect Your Home

Similar to unprotected crawl spaces, it is possible to have small internal exposures throughout your home that leave you defenseless against the heat of the summer. Air conditioning can escape through openings in your window panes, ineffective insulation, door frames, attic spaces, and more. Leaky recessed lights or other electrical issues could also be creating efficiency issues in your home. While it can be difficult to determine exactly what the central cause of your home’s energy inefficiency is, a professional can complete an evaluation to assess the efficiency of your home to give you an idea of the areas of weakness. Sealing each of these points of vulnerability will work to increase your home’s energy efficiency by keeping your air conditioning indoors this summer.

Things To Remember

With these improvements to your home, you can lower your bill payments while also reducing your carbon footprint. For a better idea of how energy-efficient your home is, get your free energy audit from Newcomb and Company. As an ENERGY STAR® approved business, our experts are well versed on the ins and outs of energy conservation. Speak with our professionals to begin your journey towards a more efficient home today.

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