Everything You Need to Know About Duct Service

Oct 13, 2020

When you encounter an issue with your heating and cooling system, it is not always a problem with your unit. Sometimes, HVAC concerns can be traced back to your distribution system. Leaks in your ductwork create high energy bills and low levels of comfort in your home. They can also put stress on your HVAC unit, leading to more issues and a lower lifespan for your system. Thankfully, Newcomb and Company provides expert ductwork services to address common duct problems. Here is a closer look at ductwork issues and the services they require.

Do I Have A Ductwork Problem?

The Department of Energy reports that ductwork can account for more than 30% of energy consumption in temperature regulation. Energy loss is heightened by ductwork leaks, damage, and obstructions. Ductwork issues are most notably signified by a working HVAC system that is not comforting one or more areas of your home. You may notice changes in your home’s air distribution and comfort. If your system is working properly in one part of your home but not another, this can be a sign of duct problems.

What Causes Ductwork Issues?

Your ductwork seems to stay out of sight, out of mind until an issue arises. So what creates ductwork issues? Here is a look at the main culprits:

  • Improper Design: The primary source of duct problems is poor construction resulting in improper configuration. This is why it is essential to partner with an experienced HVAC professional for your ductwork design and installation.
  • Old Age: Especially if your home is older, your ductwork may run into issues caused by loosened or aging parts.
  • Insulation Issues: Ductwork often travels through your attic, behind your walls, and in other areas vulnerable to the impacts of the outdoor climates. If your ducts are not properly insulated against these temperatures, it will impact your air’s climate as it is being distributed.
  • Zone Dampers: Zoning can be an ideal way to keep areas of your home set at different temperatures. This system often relies on zone dampers, which control airflow. These dampers act as dividers that open and close to regulate air pathways. If a damper gets stuck, damaged, or broken it can seem like you have a duct issue.
  • Sealing Issues: Ducts should be properly sealed to prevent air loss. Each piece of your ductwork is designed to fit together securely and seal air in.
  • Duct Blockage: Over time, your ductwork can be blocked by dust, dirt, and debris, which can create distribution problems.

Thankfully, every duct issue has a professional solution. Here is a closer look at how to address duct problems.

Solution 1: Home Adjustments

Many times, a suspected ductwork issue is not a ductwork issue at all. When you find that an area of your home is not heating or cooling properly, here are some checks, adjustments, and considerations that you can run through:

  • Closed vents: If you find that an area of your home feels less comfortable than the rest, first make sure that your air vents are open to allow airflow.
  • Furniture barriers: Similarly, make sure that you do not have furniture blocking the air vents in that area of your home.
  • Closed doors: Did you know that keeping doors inside of your home closed can interrupt airflow? This can lead to higher energy bills and less comfortable home. While closed doors are helpful for privacy, you may consider opening them to improve airflow to that area of your home.
  • Dirty air filters: The air may not be successfully distributed in your home because it is blocked by dirty air filters.
  • Home sealing: If you have a room in your home that simply does not get or stay comfortable, your home itself could be the source of the air leak. Poorly sealed windows and doors, for example, will continually let comfortable air escape. The same goes for improper insulation. Home sealing services can address these issues.
  • Expert insight: If you are not sure the source of home comfort issues, schedule a professional diagnostic visit or consultation for further insight. You might also consider scheduling your annual maintenance visit for comprehensive HVAC support.

Solution 2: Duct Repair, Sealing, or Insulation Service

When you run into a ductwork problem, an expert will first assess any and all of your repair options. You may simply need sealing or insulation services. Minor repairs also may be able to address your ductwork concerns. Your needed repair or service will depend on the exact nature of the issue that you are experiencing.

Solution 3: Ductwork Cleaning

Clogged ductwork can impact your home’s air quality as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system. If your ductwork has become blocked by dust, dirt, debris, mold, or any other hazard, ductwork cleaning may be needed to restore the effectiveness of your system. This can also help prevent air quality concerns in your home.

Solution 4: Ductwork Replacement

For severe issues and design problems, it may be necessary to replace some or all of your ductwork. It is imperative that you work with an HVAC design and installation professional who can successfully tailor your ductwork to your home. Well-designed ductwork will keep your home comfortable and your system protected.

Solution 5: Ductless Heating and Cooling

If your ductwork is simply not equipped to reach a certain area of your home, you may be able to address this issue with a ductless mini-split HVAC unit. These systems work similarly to traditional HVAC systems without the need for ductwork. They can be installed in one or more areas of your home to expand your HVAC comfort, including in your garage, attic, or new home extension. You can also use a network of mini-split systems instead of traditional HVAC units. This is a popular option among historic homes to avoid invasive renovations.

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