Oct 02, 2019

What is HVAC Design?

HVAC systems require careful consideration to work lastingly within a home. This often requires a custom design that considers the unique variables that your space provides. Here is everything that you need to know about HVAC design from a Raleigh heating and cooling professional perspective:

Custom Ductwork

Your duct system controls how the air flows to and from your HVAC system, making its optimization important for efficient HVAC performance. Your local HVAC professionals will design your ductwork based on what will best benefit your system’s performance. Properly designed ductwork will also minimize the stress on your system in distributing heating and cooling air, which can help your HVAC unit last longer.


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Load Calculations for Distributed Heating and Cooling

The size, shape, and structural composition of your home are all carefully calculated in your HVAC design to determine the proper load calculations. This includes noting points of heat loss and heat gain so that your HVAC system can account for points of inefficiency such as windows, doorways, unsealed crawl spaces, and more. These calculations allow HVAC professionals to tailor the design of your system to optimize heating and cooling performance in your home.

Improperly sized equipment can lead to increased issues in your heating system, as well as higher energy bills and more frequently-needed repair visits. This makes proper, professional load calculations essential to any HVAC design and installation process.

Zoning Work in HVAC Design

An important element of HVAC design is zoning work. Zoning compartmentalizes the distribution of your HVAC system, allowing you to enforce different temperatures in different areas of your home. Specialized HVAC design can accommodate the areas of your home that might require distinct heating and cooling needs, effectively saving you money and keeping your home comfortable.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

It is no secret that you can save money on repairs by protecting your system with HVAC maintenance; however, a properly designed HVAC system is likely to encounter fewer issues, making your seasonal maintenance visits a breeze. During these visits, your HVAC professional will ensure that all of the elements of your custom system are in ideal working order. By combining professional HVAC maintenance with a well-designed unit, you can keep your system working efficiently throughout the seasons.

Every HVAC system has a lifespan and even the most well-designed units are bound to encounter issues eventually. When your HVAC system is custom-designed by your local HVAC professionals, completing repairs down the line is often quick and simple.

New HVAC Upgrades

With your custom HVAC design, your system can be created to accommodate the latest in-home technology. This includes voice command temperature regulation and mobile control over your system. By taking advantage of these new releases, you can tailor your system’s function to your lifestyle, preventing you from paying for heating and cooling services that you are not using.

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