A Guide to Saving Energy During the Holidays

Dec 07, 2020

Are you trying to save energy and lower your electric bills this year? The excitement of the holiday season can become distracted by the stress of higher bills and increased expenses. Thankfully, saving money and energy during the holiday season is easier than you might expect. Here is a look at four easy ways to save money on your energy bill during the holidays.

Mindful Decorations and Lights

One of the reasons why energy bills are high during the winter is because of widespread increased energy usage. This can typically be traced back to high-energy seasonal decorations, primarily Christmas lights. Thankfully, keeping these costs low can be easy when you use low-energy LED string lights and turn off your display before going to bed. These will also help protect you from the fire hazards and dangers associated with seasonal lighting. Some homeowners tend to keep their lights on overnight for two reasons: protection and forgetfulness.

  • Protection and Christmas decorations: One of the most common reasons that homeowners leave their seasonal lights on overnight is to deter theft. If you spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, you will want to ensure they are safe as you keep them on your lawn overnight. Installing a motion-sensored security light or camera system can have the same effect without making your bills skyrocket.
  • Forgetfulness and holiday lights: It can be easy to forget to turn off your Christmas lights each night. If you are prone to neglect this step, you can set your decorations on a timer so they turn off automatically. You may also consider setting a reminder (or multiple reminders) to ensure that you do not accidentally leave your Christmas lights on.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

When the winter sun begins to set earlier in the day, you will have to supplement this free, natural light by making more frequent use of your indoor light fixtures. Switching to LED and other energy-efficient bulbs will help you cut back on these costs. According to the Department of Energy, upgrading your 5 most frequently used lights with energy-efficient bulbs can save you $45 every year on your electric bill.

Heater Maintenance and Energy Savings

As you begin to switch on your heating system, you will naturally begin to see your energy bill rise. After all, heating your home can take more than twice as much energy as cooling your home—and it will account for an average of 42% of your energy costs. What can you do to keep these costs low? The first step in lowering your heating costs is to set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature settings. You may also be able to help stay warm by opening your blinds and curtains in the mornings to let the natural warmth of the sun in.

One of the biggest steps you can take towards affordable heating is completing proper heater maintenance. When your system does not have the care it needs to work efficiently, it will require much more energy to function. Maintenance service involves giving your unit the manufacturer-recommended care it needs to run efficiently and effectively. During this service, an expert will also be able to detect and repair any heater issues early, saving you money on larger services and costly system issues.

Home Sealing Services

Most heating systems—especially when they receive proper maintenance—are designed to work efficiently and keep energy costs low. However, when your home has unwanted air infiltration, you will not be able to reap the benefits of your efficient HVAC system. Air infiltration happens when cool outdoor air enters your home through vulnerable points in your insulation, windows, doors, ductwork, and attic access, among others. When your warm air is escaping and cool air is entering your home, your heating system has to work much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. This overworking can make your energy bills skyrocket.

Home sealing is the secret to keeping the cold air out. As the name suggests, this service involves finding and sealing these openings where warm air is escaping and cool air is entering your home. Home sealing not only brings your energy costs down, but it also helps protect your HVAC system from the stress of overworking. Best of all, these results are long-lasting; home sealing saves you money and keeps your home comfortable for every season following this service.

Newcomb and Company Energy-Efficiency Services

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