Heat Pump vs. Furnace – What is the Difference? Newcomb and Company

Feb 12, 2020

Your home’s method of heating can become a matter of “out of sight, out of mind.” That is—until something stops working. Knowing more about the type of heating system in your home or business gives you the chance to prevent issues and keep it protected. So if you have ever found yourself wondering, “What is the difference between a heater and a furnace?” the experts at Newcomb and Company are here to help. Read this quick review of heaters and furnaces, brought to you by our Raleigh HVAC experts.

Heat Pump | What is a Heater?

A heater is a general term referring to all sources of heat (such as small space heaters and other sources of warmth); however, “heater” has also become a specific reference to a heat pump system. Heat pumps are the warm equivalent to your air conditioning system. When you switch your HVAC system from “cool” to “warm” in the fall or winter, you activate your heat pump. This system works by removing the cold air from inside of your building and distributing warmer air it collects from outdoors. Heat pump systems are often powered by electricity rather than gas, and they are incredibly effective during mild cold seasons.

Furnace | What is a Furnace Heating System?

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A furnace is a chamber of generated heat that distributes warmth throughout your home or business. Often powered by natural gas, your furnace works by fueling concentrated heat within the unit and distributing it throughout your building as needed. This is a more dated method of heating than heat pumps, but it is incredibly effective and common among homes in America – especially homes in the north.

Energy Efficient Heating

So which is more efficient: heat pumps or furnaces? Because heat pumps move air rather than generating heat, they are considered much more environmentally friendly than furnaces. However, while they may be less efficient than heat pumps, not all furnaces are inefficient. Furnaces fueled by natural gas are more environmentally-friendly than older variants. They are also often considered more effective than heat pumps during extremely low temperatures.

If you are looking for environmentally-friendly ways of heating your home, speak to your local HVAC experts. A new unit gives you the chance to upgrade to an efficient heat pump or furnace. You might even be eligible for geothermal heating solutions. Depending on your budget and your home, your local HVAC professionals can help you make your home’s heating methods more energy efficient no matter what the case.

Heater Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

If your home’s heating system is ineffective, you might be in need of a repair or replacement. An expert HVAC technician can diagnose issues in your furnace or heat pump system and get them repaired for you. If you are working with an older unit or have incurred severe damage, a replacement may be a more cost-effective route for you. To help you manage the cost of a new unit, you can partner with an HVAC company that offers financing plans.

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Once you have your new unit in place it is important to keep it protected. Depending on the composition of your home, it might be letting your warm air escape. Inefficient homes can put stress on your unit, which means you may need home sealing services or a home performance audit. You may also consider annual maintenance to your furnace or heat pump to keep it working efficiently, engage professional preventative care, and access early detection of issues.

Newcomb and Company | Local Heater Repair

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