How Can You Tell if an Evaporator Coil is Bad?

Aug 11, 2020

When it comes to your heating and cooling system, one of the primary pieces of equipment that your unit relies on is the evaporator coil. This component holds the AC refrigerant and draws warmth from the air. As you might expect, the health of your evaporating coil is essential to keeping your system working properly. So how can you tell if your evaporator coil has gone bad? Here are the four signs of a failing evaporator coil, brought to you by the experts at Newcomb and Company.

Evaporator Coil Issue 1: Frozen HVAC Equipment

If you take a close look at your HVAC unit, do you notice any frost on your equipment? This may be a sign that your evaporator coil has gone bad. When this equipment stops absorbing heat, the refrigerant will begin to freeze condensation onto your unit. If you notice your air conditioner is frozen, turn your system off and contact an HVAC professional for service.

Evaporator Coil Issue 2: Air Conditioner Leaks

System leaks could be a sign of an evaporator coil issue. This can be linked to either condensate line blockage or melting ice.

When your system freezes, it can also freeze your condensate line and cause excess moisture to overflow. Water may also leak from your unit when the frost buildup begins to melt overnight or while your system is shut off.

Evaporator Coil Issue 3: Warm Airflow

If you have your air conditioning system turned on but warm air is exiting your vents, it could be a sign that your evaporator coil is not working properly. This happens when your AC system is otherwise functioning as it should, but your evaporator coil is not effectively cooling the circulating air. However, there are a few different potential sources of warm airflow, which is why professional diagnostics are essential to uncovering the exact cause of your AC issues.

Evaporator Coil Issue 4: Air Conditioner Unusual Sounds and Functioning

Have you noticed your air conditioner recently begin making unusual sounds or working around the clock to keep your home comfortable? This could be a sign that your unit is having trouble accessing the evaporator coil’s cooling properties. Much like warm airflow, professional diagnostics are essential here. Several different common AC problems can cause irregularities in your system—to get to the source of the problem and arrive at a repair plan, contact your local HVAC professionals for assistance.

Professional Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Some evaporator coils stop working because they are dirty, not necessarily broken. Dirt buildup on your evaporator coil can serve as an insulator, keeping your unit’s cooling properties inside. In this case, a professional maintenance visit may be able to restore the function of your unit. Trying to DIY clean an evaporator coil could result in costly damage, so this service is best left up to a professional.

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