Apr 09, 2019

HVAC Google Home Hub Connection

With the latest advancements in digital technology, HVAC control has recently become easier than ever with digital assistant capabilities. You can now connect your Google Home Hub device to your HVAC system for voice-controlled adjustments to your home’s temperature.

To achieve the ease of voice control, you must first partner your Google Home Hub device to your HVAC system and enable these controls. While it may sound difficult, this is actually easier than you might think.

How to Partner Google Home Hub with your HVAC for Temperature Control


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First, make sure you have your Google Home Hub partnered with your mobile device. Next, open your app and search through the skills until you find your HVAC partnership. Click on this device to enable the Google Home Hub connection. Next, you will need to choose to partner the HVAC component to your device. This impressive suite of Google HVAC-friendly offerings includes Nest, Voxior for KNX and Loxone, Controlicz, and more. This selection is growing everyday to include even more offerings. Partnering your device with one of these systems will allow your Google Home Hub to gauge and influence the climate of your home.

To test this compatibility out, try saying a direct command such as “Hey Google, change the thermostat to 72 degrees.” You could also try something more general like, “Hey Google, make it warmer in here.” With Google Home Hub’s duration scheduling, it is also possible for you to give commands such as “Hey Google, make it cooler in here until 10 o’clock tonight.” With these advanced features, you will be able to control your home’s temperatures without ever lifting a finger.

Which Kinds of Thermostats are Compatible with Google Home Hub?

There are a few different orientations of thermostats, and the type of system you have may affect the degree to which your Google Home Hub device can control it. There are three common types of thermostat orientations: single setpoint thermostats, dual setpoint thermostats, and triple setpoint thermostats.

  • Single setpoint thermostats are systems that focus around one single temperature setpoint that it tries to maintain. These systems are the most highly compatible with the Google Home Hub system because of their straightforward nature.
  • Dual setpoint thermostats are systems that operate around two setpoints—a high point and a low point. The system will automatically turn on when the temperature falls outside of this provided range. These systems offer a medium range of compatibility with the Google Home Hub temperature control. Depending on your device, it is likely that you will be able to use the voice control feature to alter your home’s temperature but unlikely that you will be able to remotely control the temperature via the Google Home Hub app.
  • Triple setpoint thermostats combine the best of the two foundational thermostat systems. These networks consider both a target setpoint, a high setpoint, and a low setpoint. Due to the complex nature of these systems, your Google Home Hub’s compatibility may be limited to monitoring your HVAC settings using the app.

Upon installation, speak with your HVAC professionals about the orientation of your system to better understand how your smart speaker can help you monitor and control your home’s temperature.

What Can the Google Home Hub/HVAC Partnership Do?

While the voice-controlled temperature adjustment is impressive, Google Home Hub can do even more to help you take control over your home and your electricity bill. Depending on your HVAC system, you can use your Google Home Hub app to remotely adjust the temperature of your home while you are away. This can help you to save money on your electric bill when you adjust the temperature based on the current climate at home. You can also use this feature to turn off your HVAC system while at work each day and to re-adjust to the perfect temperature before you make it home.

Not only does this Google Home Hub partnership provide ease of use and expansive convenience for temperature adjustments, but it also creates a more universal design that allows increased accessibility for users with disabilities. It is important to note that only certain HVAC systems cannot be voice controlled by Google Home Hub (such as the triple setpoint thermostats), but they all are compatible with the Google Home Hub through the app; consult a professional to see if your system can be vocally operated using a digital assistant.

How to Get Started

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