How to Pair Your ecobee Smart Thermostat With Google Home

Mar 21, 2022

One of the easiest ways you can control an ecobee smart thermostat without ever having to get off the couch is by pairing it with a Google Home speaker. Currently, the ecobee3, ecobee3 Lite, ecobee4, and Switch+ are all compatible with Google Home. By pairing the two devices, you’ll receive the benefits of a smart thermostat, such as lowering your energy costs, and the convenience of controlling your air conditioning with just your voice. Review the nine steps to pair ecobee smart thermostats with your Google Home. 

9 Steps for Pairing Your ecobee Smart Thermostat With Your Google Home Hub

As long as you have a compatible ecobee smart thermostat, pairing it with your Google Home Hub is easy. Just follow the nine steps below to pair your devices:

  • Name your ecobee smart thermostat: If your ecobee smart thermostat doesn’t have a name, pairing won’t work. You can assign a name by accessing the “MAIN MENU” on the thermostat’s screen. With the “MAIN MENU” open, select “SETTINGS” and then select “PREFERENCES.” In the “PREFERENCES” menu, select “THERMOSTAT NAME.” Finally, enter the name you want, such as “Living Room Thermostat,” and you’ll be ready to pair your ecobee.
  • Download and open the Google Home app: After you’ve named your ecobee smart thermostat, download the Google Home app onto your phone if you haven’t already. Once it downloads, open the app.
  • Tap “Add”: On the Google Home app’s homepage, you’ll see an “Add” icon that allows you to pair devices to your Google Home. Tap this icon.
  • Select “Set Up Device”: After you’ve tapped the “Add” icon, you’ll be taken to the app’s “Add and manage” page. On this page, you’ll see a few options to select. Find the “Set Up Device” option and tap it.
  • Tap “Works With Google”: The “Set Up Device” option will take you to the “Set Up” page, where you’ll have two options — ”New devices” and “Works with Google.” Tap the “Works with Google” option to go to the “Manage Accounts” menu.
  • Search for “ecobee”: On the manage accounts page, tap on the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right corner to open the search bar. Next, type in “ecobee.”
  • Select the “ecobee” icon: After you hit search, you’ll see an “ecobee” icon pop up. Tap this icon.
  • Link your ecobee and Google accounts: Once you’ve tapped the “ecobee” icon, you’ll see an authorization page from ecobee. Simply enter your ecobee credentials and tap the “LOG IN” option. After you’ve signed in to your account, read the authorization statement from Google, and then click the “Accept” button to link your Google and ecobee accounts. With this step completed, your ecobee smart thermostat and Google Home Hub will be paired, allowing you to control your thermostat via your hub. 

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