How to Control a Google Nest Smart Thermostat With Alexa

Nov 29, 2021

If you have a Google Nest thermostat and want to get the most value out of it, you may want to connect it to Alexa. Once you’ve connected your Nest smart thermostat to Alexa, you can use Alexa to manage your home’s temperature with just your voice. Since you can receive several benefits from connecting your thermostat to a digital assistant, take a moment to learn how to set up your Nest smart thermostat with Alexa and control the thermostat via voice commands.

Setting Up Your Nest Smart Thermostat with Alexa

Before you can control your Nest thermostat with Alexa, you’ll need to make sure your Alexa and Nest accounts are linked together. Luckily, setting up your Nest thermostat with Alexa isn’t difficult. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by opening the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.
  2. With the app opened, find the “Browse Skills” icon and select it.
  3. Next, type in “Google Nest” to the search bar in the top right corner.
  4. With your search results displayed, select the Google Nest skill, and then tap the “Enable to Use” button.
  5. When you select the “Enable to Use” icon, you should see another window appear. This window will ask you to log in to your Nest account, as your Nest and Alexa accounts need to be linked together for you to control the thermostat with Alexa. Enter your user name and password to sign in.
  6. After you sign in, enable the “Turn on access to your home’s information” option, as it gives your Alexa the ability to find and control your Nest thermostat.
  7. Next, you’ll see a list of Nest devices. Select each of the Nest devices you’ll want to use control via Alexa. When you’re done, tap the “Next” button.
  8. Once you’ve selected “Next,” choose the account you’ll want to use.
  9. After selecting the account, tap on the “Allow” button and then tap the “Close” option.
  10. Next, select the “Discover Devices” option in the Alexa app. This option will allow Alexa to locate any Nest thermostats in your home.
  11. A list of devices should appear after tapping the “Discover Devices” option. Choose your Nest smart thermostat, and you’ll be ready to start controlling your programmable thermostat with Alexa.

How to Use Alexa to Control Your Nest Smart Thermostat

After you’ve set up your Nest and linked it to Alexa, you can give voice commands to your Amazon Echo or another Alexa-enabled device to adjust your Nest’s settings. Keep in mind that you’ll need to know your Nest thermostat’s name to give it any commands. Whenever you first set up your Nest, you likely had to name it, but if you can’t remember the name or don’t like it, you can use your Google Home app or Nest app to adjust the name.

Since Nests pair with Alexa, you can easily control your Nest via simple voice commands. For example, if you’ve named your Nest thermostat “living room thermostat,” you can say, “Alexa, change the living room thermostat to 70 degrees,” and it will adjust the temperature for you. Review other Nest voice commands to learn more about how you can most effectively use your Nest with Alexa.

You should also know you don’t have to be at home to give your Nest smart thermostat a command. As long as you have an Alexa-enabled device in hearing range of your voice commands and your Nest device is connected to Alexa and turned on, you can adjust your Nest smart thermostat. This ability to change your thermostat while you’re away from home can help lower your energy bills by setting it to a lower or higher temperature than normal, using up less energy as a result.

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