Nov 06, 2018

Carrier Infinity Thermostat Features

The Carrier Infinity thermostat is one of the most common thermostat models we work on. These thermostats are easy to use and offer detailed controls so you can get the use your energy efficiently.

The Carrier Infinity thermostat takes full advantage of wireless internet technology to offer the latest in thermostat features. It can display weekly weather, help screens, and even detailed fault reports so you can fix problems quickly. You can control your home’s temperature by the minute, setting schedules to ensure your home isn’t heating or cooling unnecessarily. Because our technicians see so many customers who have a Carrier Infinity thermostat, we’ve created a walkthrough to help you take advantage of it.

The Home Screen

This is the default display for your unit. It will show the current temperature inside your home and the weather in your area. Touch the weather icon to see the weekly forecast for your location.

Time and Date

Is your Carrier Infinity Thermostat scheduling not working? If your time and date aren’t set properly, your scheduling and programming won’t be very effective. Don’t skip this step to ensure your system is running on the same schedule as you!

Temperature Adjustments

Touch the current temperature to make an adjustment. By selecting the “mode,” you can set the system to heat, cool, fan only, off, or auto. Auto mode uses whichever mode is necessary to maintain the temperature you’ve selected.

Setting a Schedule

Under “comfort profiles,” you can set baseline temperatures for four different settings: home, away, wake, and sleep. The schedule button lets you to set the temperature in your home by day of the week. The Carrier Infinity thermostat offers a guided option to make it easy for you.

Minor Adjustments

Want to change the temperature without messing up your schedule? Just press “hold” on the main screen. Any changes you make will last for a set amount of time.

Extra Features

The “features” icon tells you if your unit is connected to the internet, what setting the fan is running at, and more. This is where you can find the humidity levels in your home, to see if they are too low or too high. On the “fan” selection, you can choose fan settings for the fan only mode. Your system will automatically regulate the fan.

Automatic Reporting

One of the most exciting features of high-tech thermostats is automatic reporting. This tells you exactly what’s wrong with your thermostat if it breaks.

Be sure to contact Newcomb’s certified technicians with any issues you may have, whether you’re using this version of the Carrier Infinity thermostat or not. We are here to help!

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