Oct 03, 2019

New Homeowners HVAC Tips & Tricks

Buying a new home can be an exciting process, but it also brings on a wealth of complicated considerations for new homeowners. One matter often overlooked in the home buying process is the status of the home’s HVAC system. Here are HVAC tips for new homeowners from your local HVAC company.

Before Buying Your New Home

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Before signing the deal on your new home, ask about the state of the HVAC system. Here are some important points to carefully consider when touring a potential home:

  • Home Temperature: Is the temperature of the home comfortable? Check the thermostat settings and the atmosphere of the home. Does it seem to be working properly to keep the home temperate?
  • HVAC Noises: Do you hear the system making loud noises? If the system seems to be struggling, this could be signs that you want to take a closer look at the unit.
  • Effectiveness: When you first enter the home for your tour, you are likely going to let some of the air from outside into the house. This may cause the heating or cooling system to kick on. How long does the system stay on before achieving the desired temperature?
  • Efficiency: Ask about the unit’s efficiency. HVAC efficiency is measured using SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The minimum standard is 13 SEER while more efficient units can get up to 21 SEER. This rating can affect your energy bills and your unit’s performance.
  • Maintenance Routine: Ask about the maintenance routine that the previous homeowners engaged. A lack of regularly-schedule maintenance could significantly impact the unit’s performance and longevity.

Be sure to use these considerations to formulate your questions ahead of time. Ask about the age of the HVAC system, and request to see the unit during your tour. If the home of your dreams has a struggling HVAC system, you may be able to use this fact to negotiate for a lower price on the house. A new HVAC system costs thousands of dollars, and you do not want to have to foot this bill right after buying a new home.

New Homeowner HVAC Scheduled Maintenance

Find a credible local HVAC company and schedule routine maintenance for your HVAC system. This is especially important for new homeowners, as you do not know the status of your unit and the history of care it has received. This maintenance can help you preserve your unit for as long as possible and make sure that it is working at its best.

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New HVAC System Design and Installation

If you find that your home needs a new HVAC unit, contacting a local professional with years of experience can be your first line of defense. Here, you can get the guidance and help that you need to get your new system installed and working in no time. Newcomb and Company was voted the Best HVAC Company in the Triangle during Indy Week Magazine’s 2019 “Best of the Triangle” competition. So if you are looking for the Triangle’s best HVAC company to help get you on your way, Newcomb and Company is here for you!

HVAC Help Near Me

If you are new to the area and in need of a trusted source of HVAC service, maintenance, advice, and help, Newcomb and Company is here for you. Serving the NC Triangle and the NC Coast, Newcomb and Company proudly provides HVAC service in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Durham, Wilmington, and beyond! Contact our heating and cooling experts to get started today!

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