Is a New Furnace Worth It?

Feb 10, 2021

Do you feel like your furnace system is giving up on you? Perhaps you have been hoping that it will hold on for “just one more year”—for the past three years? If you find yourself experiencing trouble with your furnace, you have three potential solutions:

  • You can have your furnace repaired
  • You can replace your furnace with a new model
  • Or you can explore different heating system options

So is a new furnace worth it for you and your home? Let’s dive deeper into each of these potential solutions and how they may apply to your furnace.

Furnace Repair

The first recourse for any kind of large system issue is to explore your repair options. If furnace repair is a viable option, then replacing your entire system is generally not worth it. So what constitutes a “viable” repair?

  • Warranty: If your system is covered under warranty, you may find yourself with a free repair. In these cases, it makes more sense to get a no-cost repair and take advantage of your warranty rather than purchase a replacement.
  • Newer system: Similarly, newer systems with a long lifespan still expected ahead of them are often worth repairing instead of replacing.
  • Smaller issues: If you are dealing with a small repair or needed routine maintenance, you might often find a repair easy, affordable, and worth it for your furnace.

Whether or not a furnace repair is “worth it” will depend on your situation and the severity of your furnace damage. You may consider consulting a local HVAC expert to discuss your system in more detail.

Furnace Replacement

Buying a new unit for your home is always a big decision. So should you have a new furnace system installed? Replacing your furnace may be worth it when you:

  • Experience severe winters: Furnace systems are, first and foremost, highly effective. They provide powerful, concentrated heat that is necessary for combating severe winter temperatures. In these cases, a broken furnace will require a replacement furnace rather than a different kind of heating system.
  • Incur costly furnace damage: When you find a repair cost will break the bank, it is often better to get a new furnace than to pay high repair bills for an old system. Newer systems may also qualify for coupons, rebates, and financing that can help you afford this investment.
  • Have an older furnace system: Old furnaces may offer repair options that do not break the bank, but they will continue to experience issues with age. This could leave you paying for repair after repair instead of a replacement. Older furnaces are also less energy-efficient than newer systems, costing you more each month.

Furnace replacements bring with the added benefit of installation simplicity. It is often easier to replace your system with one of the same than it is to retrofit a new variety.

Different Heating System Options

Finally, you might be wondering if it is time to replace your furnace with an alternative heating system. Primarily, you might consider instead installing a heat pump or a mini-split system:

Heat Pump vs. Furnace

In the south where we experience more moderate winters, homes often do not need the intense heating power of furnace systems. Instead, a heat pump offers an effective and affordable heating alternative.

For homes with a heat pump, the heating and air conditioning solutions are sourced out of a single unit. When switched to the “heating” settings, this system reverses your air conditioning system functioning—using your refrigerant to absorb heat from the outdoors. The coolant then compresses to magnify the heat before depositing it inside. For homes with severe winters, such as those in the north, this is not a viable option. There is limited available heat outdoors and the winter weather requires extra power to overcome. However, heat pumps are commonly used in the south due to their effectiveness and efficiency. You can read more about heat pumps vs. furnace systems here.

Ductless Mini-Split Heating Systems

Mini-split heaters are similar to heat pump/air conditioning dual units—but much smaller and without duct distribution. Unlike whole-home heat pumps, they provide contained heating and cooling for one room or area of your home. If you feel that you need a new furnace to fix a problem area in your house, you may be able to get by with a mini-split heat pump instead. These systems are also perfect for managing the temperature during mild seasons.

Newcomb and Company Heating System Repair and Replacement

Ultimately, the decision on whether or not a new furnace is “worth it” is your call to make. However, when you are due for heating system maintenance, repair, or replacement, the experts at Newcomb and Company are here to help. We offer comprehensive heating services, and we can help you explore your options so that you can make the right decision for you.

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