Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Spring?

Mar 22, 2021

This past weekend was the Spring Equinox. While we have officially entered a new season, the mild weather is giving residents some time to prepare their air conditioners. So is your AC system ready to tackle the season’s warmth? What kind of care does your air conditioner need to stay protected? Newcomb and Company is here with insight into the services we complete during our annual AC maintenance visits

Refrigerant Level Checks and Refills

Refrigerants are the driving force behind your cool air in the summer. This AC component removes excess heat from your home and deposits it outdoors. Without proper refrigerant levels, your air conditioning system will be unable to keep your home comfortable. Low AC refrigerant also brings higher electric bills. You should not need to have your AC system refilled with refrigerant each year—it is a sealed system that loses only marginal amounts of refrigerant over time. However, it still needs to be checked annually. There are two common reasons why your refrigerant may be low: leaks and new HVAC installations. Let’s take a closer look:

AC Refrigerant Leaks

Sealed AC refrigerant systems can develop leaks as the metal is rusted, corroded, or otherwise compromised. As your system leaks refrigerant, your air conditioner will become increasingly inefficient and ineffective. An HVAC repair technician will need to find and address the source of the leak before topping off your refrigerant levels.

Low Refrigerant Levels and New AC Systems

Low refrigerant is also a surprisingly common issue for new AC units. When residents install a new HVAC system in the winter, it cannot be heat tested for air conditioning performance. As such, the installation technician will install the refrigerant levels you need for heating performance. It will need to be checked in warmer weather, where a technician will top off your refrigerant levels if needed.

Air Filter Changes

With the pollen in the air this spring and summer, your air filters can become clogged more quickly than they do in the cooler months. Clogged air filters can put stress on your HVAC system, leading to more frequent issues and a shorter system lifespan. You can read our guide to changing your home air filters here.

Clean Your AC Drain Line

Have you ever experienced “muggy” days here in the south? This uncomfortable combination of heat and moisture in the air is common because warm air carries extra water molecules. As the warm air is cooled by your AC system, it releases that condensation. Your AC drain line carries this water away from your unit.

When your drain line becomes clogged, moisture will begin leaking into your home. Clogged drain lines can also impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioner. Debris and clogs can build up over the winter (or at any point throughout the year). As such, drain line clearing gets your system ready for the warmer weather.

Thermostat Check and Calibration

A well-functioning air conditioner is nothing without a well-functioning thermostat. Unfortunately, dust, dirt, and debris can collect over your thermostat sensors, which causes misreadings. If your thermostat is misreading your home temperature, your AC output will be skewed. But how do you know if your thermostat is working properly? An expert will check and calibrate your thermostat to get it ready for the spring and summer heat.

Cleaning Your AC Coils

Your HVAC system has two coils—the condenser coil and the evaporator coil—which house your refrigerant to support heat transfer. The indoor evaporator coil uses refrigerant to extract heat from your air. It then transfers this heat to the condenser coil, which releases it outdoors. Over time, dust, dirt, and mold can build up on your coils. These contaminants create a barrier between your refrigerant and your air, impacting your AC effectiveness. Coil issues can also put stress on your AC system, which compromises the health of your entire unit.

To keep your system working well, your condenser coil and evaporator coil should be checked and cleaned each year. This careful process requires expert experience, knowledge, and professional-grade tools.

Checking System Components

Your air conditioning unit is a network of connected parts and systems. An issue with any one of these components can set off a chain reaction, leading to more severe damages and issues. Before the warmer weather sets in, you should have each of your system components checked for safety and performance. This extends to your:

These checks will help with early issue detection and prevention, which saves you money on larger repairs. It can also extend the lifespan of your system and prevent you from enduring seasonal discomfort.

Newcomb and Company Local AC Service

Each of these services is included in our Newcomb and Company AC maintenance visits. Whether you need an air conditioner repair, service, replacement, installation, or maintenance, our experts are here for you. Right now, we are offering $50 off of your service fees when you purchase an annual maintenance comfort contract (which comes with a variety of other savings).

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