My AC Isn't Working: 5 Possible Problems

Jul 01, 2020

What is Wrong With My AC System?

When your air conditioning system stops working, it is essential you get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid the season’s discomfort. However, it is hard to address an issue that you may not understand. An expert can work with you to diagnose and repair your HVAC unit. Here is a look at the top five suspects of AC issues, brought to you by your local air conditioning experts at Newcomb and Company.

Air Conditioning Problem 1: Low Refrigerant Levels

Your AC system relies on refrigerant to provide your home with cool, comfortable air. In a properly-functioning system, your refrigerant will lower the temperature of the air as it passes over the condenser coil in your unit. When your refrigerant is old, worn, leaking, or depleted, your air conditioner loses its cooling properties and becomes unable to regulate the air it circulates. If you notice your system blowing warm air, you may need refrigerant service to get your HVAC system working again.

Air Conditioning Problem 2: Ductwork or Distribution Problems

Your home likely relies on a duct system to distribute the cool air your AC system produces throughout your home. If your AC stops working, it could be the sign of a disruption in your ductwork. For example, if there is a leak in your ductwork, it will divert some of the cool airflow and interrupt your air conditioner’s effectiveness. Ductwork service and replacements are available for homes with air distribution problems.

Air Conditioning Problem 3: Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat works as the link between your home’s internal temperature and your air conditioning system. When your thermostat reads the temperature in your home incorrectly, it improperly adjusts the temperature accordingly. Regular thermostat calibration is necessary to keep your thermostat and your air conditioner in sync and working properly. An expert will check and calibrate your thermostats during your annual maintenance visit.

Air Conditioning Problem 4: Drain Line Issues

One of the most common reasons why your air conditioner may be working is the drain line. The process of converting humid, warm air into cooler temperatures strips excess humidity from the air and collects the water in your drain pan. This water is then carried outdoors by your drain line, also known as a condensate line. However, this moisture becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. The drain line may also collect debris that blocks water from being effectively drained. When the water builds up in your drain pan, it will cause a declination in your AC function or could shut your system off completely. Thankfully, drain lines are easy for experts to clear to restore functioning to your unit.

Air Conditioning Problem 5: Broken Part or System

Your air conditioning system is a delicate network of systems, all of which need to be in good health for your system to function properly. An issue with any one small part of your system can cause your air conditioner to stop working effectively. Common air conditioning part or system issues include:

  • Dirty air filters or coils
  • Broken fan, motor, or blower
  • Compressor issues
  • Electrical connection issues

Thankfully, these and other common air conditioning issues can be prevented by regular system care. However, some issues with your HVAC system are easier to detect than others. An HVAC professional can find the source of your air conditioning issue and get it repaired. If your system is older or the needed repairs are extensive, an expert will also be able to work with you to find a replacement with your home and your budget.

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