Is My Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

May 09, 2022

Before summer heat descends on North Carolina, your AC probably needs a tune-up. Over the fall and winter, your AC can get dirty and suffer from damage. While you might notice any issues when you first turn it on, leftover dirt and debris from the winter can cause your AC to perform inefficiently once it starts to deal with higher temperatures. 

By knowing some of the main signs your AC isn’t ready for the summer and ways you can fix them, you can ensure your AC can keep your home cool on the hottest summer days. Find out more about the four signs your AC isn’t ready for summer below:

1. Your Condenser Has Debris or Bushes Blocking It

One of the simplest ways to prepare your AC for summer is to remove any debris or leaves surrounding your condenser. A condenser is an outdoor unit usually located somewhere on the side of your home. Over the winter, debris can build up around and inside the unit, causing it to perform inefficiently or suffer from damage.

To begin the cleaning process, begin by turning off your AC and its circuit breaker. Next, clear off any debris, such as branches, twigs, and leaves, blocking the fan or that are on or close to the unit. By removing this debris, you’ll make it easier for the unit to circulate hot air out of your home. You’ll also want to trim any branches that hang over the unit and remove bushes located within a few feet of the unit to avoid blockages.

2.  Your Condenser Coils Are Dirty 

Once the exterior of your condenser is cleared of any debris, it’s time to clean the condenser coils. As the name suggests, these coils are located inside your condenser. When these coils are dirty, your condenser will struggle to transfer heat to the outdoors and reduce your AC’s efficiency. Since cleaning these coils will require someone to remove the panels of the condenser and handle delicate parts, it’s best to hire an HVAC professional to do the work for you.

3. Your AC’s Filter Hasn’t Been Changed

Another easy way to get your AC ready for the summer is to replace your AC’s filter if you haven’t already. Since dust and other particles will clog a filter over time, it’s important you swap out the filter before the summer. When you replace the filter, your AC’s blower unit will have an easier time circulating air through your HVAC system. After replacing the filter, continue to do so throughout the summer at the recommended intervals.

4. Your Condensate Drain Is Dirty

Your AC’s condensate drain is a thin pipe responsible for removing condensate from your AC’s evaporator coils. One end of the condensate drain is located close to your interior HVAC unit, while the other end is outdoors. Since blockages can clog the drain line and mildew can grow inside it, you’ll want to clean it out before the summer. If you don’t, blockages can cause condensate to overflow in your house, create musty smells due to mildew growth, and harm your AC’s performance.

To begin, you’ll want to check the entrance and exit of your condensate drain, removing any debris that could be blocking them. Next, you’ll want to call a professional to clean out the interior of the line, as they can quickly remove any clogs and safely clean out any dangerous mold or bacteria growth.

Choose Newcomb and Company for AC Summer Tune-Ups in Raleigh

If any of the warning signs listed above apply to your AC and you live in Raleigh, Wilmington, or the surrounding areas, it’s time to schedule an AC inspection from Newcomb and Company. Once our team arrives at your home, they’ll conduct a full inspection of your HVAC system, spotting any issues that could affect its performance over the summer. After the inspection, our team will perform any AC maintenance or repair services you need to ensure your AC is ready to perform in top condition over the summer.

Learn more about our annual HVAC maintenance program and AC repair services today. If you want to receive an AC summer tune-up or have any questions, please contact us.

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