Jun 11, 2019

Energy Saving Thermostat Settings for Summer

The summer weather brings plenty of sun, warmth, and adventure, but it can also bring high electric bills and increased energy consumption in your home. As your HVAC unit works harder to keep your house cool this summer, there are plenty of tricks to get around paying exorbitant fees for your season’s air conditioning. The experts at Newcomb and Company know how important efficiency and savings are, which is why we have compiled the best thermostat settings for the summer. Here are our air conditioning hacks to help you save money and energy this season.

Best Thermostat Settings for Summer

While your ideal home temperature might vary based on your climate, location, home size, personal preferences, and other factors, experts recommend setting your thermostat to the highest comfortable temperature for you in the summer in order to maximize your air comfort and minimize your electric bill. If you would like to make the air around you feel cooler, consider using a fan in addition to the AC in the room you are in, which is estimated to make the temperature feel cooler by an additional 4 degrees. However, it is important to remember that the fan does not actually make the air colder, but it makes it feel colder by creating a wind chill effect. This means it is important to preserve your energy savings by turning off the fan when you leave the room.

If you are looking for a more tangible number to base your air conditioning settings around, it is estimated that the ideal summer thermostat temperature is 78 degrees. Consider adjusting your thermostat to 78 degrees or as close as comfortably possible for you in order to achieve a balance of efficiency and effectivity.

Optimize your Energy Usage

If you have your HVAC system partnered with a personal assistant, like Google Home Hub, you can remotely raise your home’s temperature by a few degrees while you are away. This practice helps you avoid paying for air conditioning when nobody is around to use it. With the help of a digital assistant, your HVAC controls and settings can be monitored using the mobile application that your device is partnered with.

It is important to remember that completely shutting your system down each day can use a significant amount of energy to frequently restart and recool your home, which is likely to result in wasting your money and energy instead of saving it. Instead, consider subtly raising the temperature in your home when nobody is around to experience the cool air. To avoid coming home to a warm house, don’t forget to lower the settings back to your desired temperature at least 30 minutes before you anticipate arriving back.

Nighttime Thermostat Settings

There are natural ways to cool your home during the summer, which provides you with the opportunity to give your thermostat a break. If you live in an area where it gets cool at night, consider turning off your HVAC system before bed and opening your windows to allow this cool air inside. You can close the windows in the morning before it becomes warm again to lock in this cooler air.

Be sure to check the weather conditions each night to ensure that the temperature and forecast allow for this practice. When done properly, this practice provides free cooling for your home, saving both energy and money.

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