Sep 24, 2018

HVAC units are typically one of the largest machines in your home. Some types of maintenance need to be performed by a professional, but there are plenty of things you can do on your own. (See our maintenance checklist here for a quick rundown.)

One of the best things you can do to improve the efficiency and extend the life of your HVAC is to change your air filter regularly. If you’re wondering, “But where is the air filter located in my house?”, don’t worry – we’ll get to that. First, let’s talk about why it’s so important.

Why Do I Need to Change the Air Filter?


Air filters trap airborne particles before they enter your HVAC system. They catch pollen, dust, pet dander, and smoke, so they don’t end up in your lungs. A clean air filter has been shown to help alleviate symptoms in allergy and asthma sufferers. Air filters are especially effective at clearing the room of larger particles like dust and spores.


Dust, dirt, and animal hair can clog the coils in your HVAC system and prevent it from doing its job efficiently. The longer a system needs to work to get the same amount of clean air, the less efficient the system becomes – and the more expensive it is to run it.


The added strain on the system means that the fan motor is more likely to overheat and burn out. Just like your car needs regular oil changes, HVAC units need regular air filter replacements. This will increase the longevity of your system.

How Often Should I Replace My Air Filter?

The EPA recommends checking your air filter every month, and changing it at least every three months. Take a look at the video below for a simple way to determine if you need a new air filter.

Where Is The Air Filter Located In My House?

This easy-to-do fix is inexpensive and only takes a few minutes. First, you need to learn where the air filter is in your house. Air filters are relatively inexpensive ($10-$50 depending on size and type) and only take a few minutes to replace. This simple maintenance seems like a small price to pay when compared to medical bills, increased energy costs, or the cost of replacing your entire system.

There are several places where you may find air filters. Larger systems often have multiple air filters – all of which need to be replaced. Here are some common locations.

  • Behind a register in your wall or on the ceiling.
  • Behind a register in the floor (in older homes).
  • On the HVAC unit near the air handler, which looks a bit like a furnace. Look for your air handler in the basement or the attic. The air filter slots into the air handler unit.

Can’t find it? Aren’t sure if you’ve located all of the filters? If you’re still asking yourself, “But where is the air filter located in my house?” then you can relax. Just call Newcomb and Company. We’ll walk you through the process of finding your air filter over the phone, so that you can breathe easy – literally!

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