Why Energy-Efficient Homes Need Air Filtration Solutions

Mar 07, 2022

If you’re a homeowner who wants to make your home more energy-efficient for financial or environmental reasons, you should know about air filtration solutions. With the right air filtration solutions, you can make your home more friendly to the environment, reduce your energy consumption, and, of course, receive cleaner air. Learn more about how high-quality air filters can lower energy usage and why iWave systems provide clean air without hurting the environment.

Why Do Energy-Efficient Homes Struggle With Indoor Air Quality?

Many home energy efficiency solutions aim to eliminate gaps in your home's windows, doors, and foundation. These inefficiencies can let your cool air conditioning out while inviting the summer's heat inside. Not only does this strain your HVAC unit and raise your electric bills, but it can also make your home feel less comfortable. Energy efficiency solutions effectively close these gaps, but they can come at the expense of your indoor air quality.

Because energy-efficiency upgrades restrict unwanted air infiltration, they also prevent fresh air from circulating your home. Home sealing, for example, can save you money on your electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint; however, it also seals in any bacteria, viruses, cooking byproducts, pet dander, and other contaminants that may be circulating your home. As such, many energy-efficient homes turn to professional air quality solutions, such as high-quality air filters and iWave's air purification systems.

High-Quality Air Filters Can Lower Energy Use

When you’re committed to lowering your home’s energy usage, you need a high-quality HVAC air filter. If you’ve already installed a new highly-efficient HVAC unit, a new air filter is an excellent way to improve your home’s energy efficiency even more. 

While it might not be immediately obvious, lower quality air filters that clog faster can increase your energy bills. For example, fiberglass filters usually need replacement every 30 days to prevent clogging and typically have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ranging between 1 to 4. Their low MERV rating means these filters allow more pollutants to pass through your air. Since these filters clog faster, they tend to put your HVAC unit under more stress, causing it to use more energy to distribute air throughout your home.

To get the energy efficiency you desire and receive higher-quality filtration, you’ll want to go with a filter that lasts longer without clogging. One of the best types of air filters to reduce energy use and still receive excellent filtration is a pleated filter with a MERV value of 8. These filters can last for around six months before needing replacement, giving you efficient filtration for a longer period. Alongside lasting longer and making your HVAC system more efficient, they do an excellent job of filtering pollutants.

iWave Systems Provide Clean Air Without Harmful Environmental Impacts

If you already have an energy-efficient home, the chances are good that you care about the environment and want to reduce your environmental footprint. Previously,  you might have stayed away from some air purification units due to their tendency to produce ozone and radiation. Even if you wanted better quality air, their costs to the environment might not have made them worth it.

Fortunately, there are more environmentally friendly air purifiers on the market today you can invest in—namely, iWave systems. These systems perfectly pair with energy-efficient homes, as they use bipolar ionization to clean your air and don’t produce ozone. Since they’re installed directly in your HVAC system, you also don’t have to worry about radiation. Plus, they’re self-cleaning, discreet, need very little maintenance, and don’t require bulb replacements like UVC systems, meaning they reduce waste and are very convenient to homeowners.

Choose Newcomb and Company for Energy-Efficient Air Filtration Solutions in Raleigh

When you want to improve your home’s air quality and increase its energy efficiency, turn to Newcomb and Company. Due to our commitment to helping homeowners reduce their energy consumption and breathe cleaner air, we offer several indoor air filtration solutions, such as iWave installation. Alongside offering local air filter installation services, we can also perform whole-home performance audits to find and fix issues that lead to lower energy efficiency, such as leaking ductwork or poor ventilation.

Learn more about our energy efficiency solutions today. If you have any questions or want to schedule air purifier installation, please contact us.

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