Why is my AC Blowing Hot Air?

Jul 15, 2020

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, the last thing your home needs is an extra circulation of heat. If you find that your HVAC system is blowing hot air, do not panic. This repair is often quickly and easily completed by a professional. Here is a look at three reasons why your air conditioning may be running warm and what you can do to get it fixed right away.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Perhaps the most common issue that causes air conditioning systems to blow hot air is low refrigerant levels. This happens when your refrigerant is worn out or when there is a leak in your refrigerant system. In cases of low refrigerant, your system will continue to flow as usual, but your unit will not cool the air during this process—leaving you feeling warm air circulating throughout your home. A professional HVAC repair technician can check and replenish your refrigerant as well as repair any leaks that may be causing this problem.

Thermostat Settings

While it may be obvious, an HVAC system that is blowing hot air might be a sign that the thermostat is set to “heat” instead of “cool.” This oversight is common, especially in the late summer/early fall when the temperature fluctuates continuously. Someone in your household may have switched the settings over at night to stay warm as the temperature began to drop. Even if your thermostat is turned down low, your air conditioner will not kick on unless your settings are configured properly and your system is set to “cool.” This problem is perhaps the easiest to solve: simply switch your thermostat over to its cooling settings and see if it begins to work again.

Dirty Unit or Air Filters

When your air filters are dirty, they will block the cool air from circulating throughout your home. They can also put stress on your unit, causing frequent issues and a lowering life expectancy for your system. Thankfully, air filters are quick and easy to replace, and they are included in your seasonal maintenance visits. Even on your own, these replacements could save you money on costly HVAC issues.

If your air filters are fresh but your unit is dirty, your HVAC system will still suppress the cooling properties of your air conditioner. For example, dirt around your unit’s coils will insulate your unit, directing the cooling properties internally rather than extending them to your air. Unlike a blocked air filter, dirty HVAC system issues require professional cleaning and maintenance to avoid damaging your unit further.

What To Do When Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air

When you find that your air conditioning system is blowing hot air, check to ensure that your air filters are clean and that your system is set to “cool.” If your system is still not working, the first thing you should do is turn your HVAC unit off. Assuming there is a deeper problem with your air conditioner, leaving it running in poor health could worsen its condition. It will also have you paying for hot air in the middle of the summer heat while making your home feel less comfortable. Contact a local air conditioning repair specialist right away to get your unit working as quickly as possible.

Local Air Conditioner Repair from Newcomb and Company

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