Why Tankless Water Heater Flushes Are Important

Jul 08, 2020

If you have a tankless water heater or are thinking about investing in one, you might be familiar with all of the benefits these systems provide. In exchange for quick water heating, small space requirements, and money-saving benefits, tankless water heaters require very little maintenance in return. The only service required to preserve your system is regular tankless water heater flushes. Here is everything you need to know about tankless water heater flushes, brought to you by the Raleigh plumbers at Newcomb and Company.

What are Tankless Water Heaters?

If you are not yet familiar with the various kinds of water heaters, you might be wondering, “What are tankless water heaters?” Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless systems heat water as you need it rather than pooling hot water in a tank. This is an efficient and effective way to provide your home with the hot water it needs.

Fast, Unlimited Hot Water Capacity

Because the water is not already heated and readily available, you might think that this limits your hot water capacity. However, the opposite is true when it comes to tankless units. These water heaters work in seconds, which vastly increases your hot water capacity. They put the days of staggering showers and laundry routines behind you and eliminate any worries that there may not be enough hot water to go around. This installation allows you to effectively run multiple hot showers, appliances, and more at the same time.

Money-Saving Efficiency

The quick heating provided by tankless water heaters helps you cut unnecessary water usage, though this is just the beginning of the efficiency benefits that these units provide. The traditional water heater tank requires energy to maintain, as your unit is running continuously to keep the water heated. On the other hand, a tankless unit requires very little energy when it is not in use because it does not need to actively prepare and maintain standing water. You can also save money in the long-run with tankless units because they often last much longer than traditional water heaters, assuming you provide them with the care they need. The primary service that your unit will require is a tankless water heater flush.

What is a Tankless Water Heater Flush and Why do I Need One?

A water heater flush is a service that removes harmful sediment buildup from your unit. Water naturally contains minerals and sediments, which can become trapped in your hot water heater. When left without proper maintenance, calcium, magnesium, and other buildups can begin to block the narrow passageways of tankless water heaters. They can also block the unit’s heat exchangers and cause internal damage.

Worst of all, this sort of damage shows signs that you did not provide your unit with the recommended maintenance, which will void any warranty you may have and leave you to foot the bill. Regular flushes remove all of the buildups in your system to protect your unit from damage.

How to Flush a Tankless Water Heater

The fast heating nature of tankless water heaters makes them a hazard risk for DIY flushes. Thankfully, our Raleigh-area plumbers are skilled in quick and effective tankless water heater flushing. During this process, an expert will use a professional-grade circulation pump to remove the standing water and any sediments from your unit. They will also circulate top-rated cleansing agents through your system to remove any limescale buildup and keep your unit protected. Finally, an expert will carefully and thoroughly flush out any cleansing substances to ensure that your water is safe and ready for use.

Tankless Water Heater Flush in Raleigh

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