How to Cover Your Spigots for the Winter

Jan 04, 2021

Before the first big freeze of the winter, you will need to make sure that your home is ready. One of the primary concerns that come with freezing cold winter temperatures is the threat they pose for your pipes. To keep that cold air out of your plumbing system, you might consider covering your spigots. Here is a closer look at how you can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage with minimal time, money, and effort by covering your outdoor faucets.

Covering Your Spigots

Spigots are the outdoor faucets stationed around your home, which can provide a bridge between the freezing outdoor air and your plumbing system. Before covering your spigots, you will need to remove and drain your hose, then store it away for the winter. There are two kinds of spigot covers you might choose to install: store-bought and DIY.

Store-Bought Spigot Covers

You can find insulated spigot covers for just a couple of dollars each at your local hardware store or online. These covers are designed to fit around your outdoor faucet and keep it protected from the cold temperatures.

How do you install these spigot covers? There are a few different types of outdoor faucet covers available, but they are most commonly hollow, gumdrop-shaped, and made out of foam. The inside contains a cord, which you loop around your faucet. Then, press your cover flush against the side of your home. Use the top of the cover as a drawstring to secure its placement for the winter.

DIY Spigot Covers

For more mild winter weather, you can create a DIY faucet cover with items around your home. Simply wrap your spigots with towels, socks, or any kind of insulating material. You can also build your own DIY insulator with large foam cups.

If you need help deciding what kind of plumbing care your home needs for the winter, consider contacting your local experts or scheduling a plumbing inspection/maintenance visit for support.

Why Cover Your Spigots?

Water naturally expands when it is frozen. Have you ever left a water bottle in the freezer overnight? You might remember waking up to see the bottle distorted and bursting at its seams. This same concept applies to frozen pipes. When standing water in your pipes expands, it can burst or damage your pipes. The frozen metal also becomes more fragile. Then, when the water thaws, you will be left with a serious leak and damaged plumbing.

What are the Signs of a Frozen Pipe?

If you are running your water in the early morning and nothing comes out, this could be caused by a frozen pipe. You should also keep an eye out for signs of water leakage. The sooner you catch a frozen or burst pipe, the easier it is to minimize the damages and their costs.

What Should I Do If I Have a Plumbing Leak?

The moments following a burst pipe are critical in determining how much damage you will incur. Responding quickly can save you thousands in water damage. Here is a quick overview of what you should do if you find a plumbing leak:

  • Safety Checks: Safety always comes first. Before taking action, assess the safety of your leak as it pertains to electrical and structural hazards. Address any safety concerns first and evacuate if necessary.
  • Shut Off Water Supply: If possible, quickly and safely turn off your home’s water supply.
  • Contact an Emergency Plumber: An expert will help you minimize the damage and initiate the repairs. The sooner you can get the expert help you need, the better off you will be.
  • Damage control: Your emergency plumber will bring professional-grade tools and equipment to address the leak and minimize water damage. Until they arrive, you might consider placing any buckets under the leaks and safely moving nearby possessions.

Read our full guide on what to do during plumbing leaks here.

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