HVAC Repair vs. HVAC Replacement

Jul 15, 2020

One of the most prominent dilemmas among homes and businesses experiencing HVAC issues is weighing the benefits of repairing your HVAC system or having it replaced. While there is no definitive answer, a look at the pros and cons of system repairs and replacements can help guide your decision making. Here is a closer look at HVAC repair vs. HVAC replacement, brought to you by heating and cooling experts at Newcomb and Company.

The Pros of HVAC Repair

One of the most distinguished pros of HVAC repair is the low upfront costs. Most obviously, it costs less to have a single part repaired or replaced rather than to have a completely new system installed. This benefit is key for newer systems that have received proper care and attention. It lets you extend the lifespan of your unit and make the most out of your HVAC system.

However, it is important to understand that frequent repairs will add up over time. It can be helpful to consider the overall condition of your system to decide if an HVAC repair is worth it for you: Is it less than 7 years old? Has it received proper maintenance? Does it work efficiently and effectively when it is running? Is the damage contained and inexpensive to repair? If your answer is “yes,” an HVAC system repair may be right for you!

Considerations for HVAC Repair

As explained above, the primary consideration of heating and cooling system repairs is that they can add up over time. If you have an older system that needs frequent service, this downside may outweigh the benefits of an HVAC repair. For example, if you continue to repair an old, malfunctioning system over the course of three years, the cost of those replacement parts, laborious repair visits, and the extra money you could be saving by running a more efficient unit may leave you with a high bill without providing all of the benefits a new unit has to offer.

The Pros of HVAC Replacement

As you may have guessed, system replacement can be beneficial to homes and businesses with an HVAC unit at the end of its lifespan. Thankfully, if you are leaning towards a heating and cooling system replacement, there are a few pros that can benefit you through this decision.

  • Upgraded efficiency: An older system will naturally have to work harder to properly function, using excessive amounts of energy. In addition to alleviating stress on your unit, newer systems also take advantage of energy-efficient technology. This lowers your home’s carbon footprint and helps you reduce your energy consumption.
  • Saving money: When you upgrade your HVAC system, this energy savings translates into lower energy bills each month. These monthly savings can add up significantly over the lifetime of your unit.
  • Home value: When it is time to sell your home, a newer HVAC system can improve your appeal to potential home buyers and raise your home’s retail value.
  • Increased comfort: Not only are newer HVAC units efficient, but they are also effective. If you have been relying on an out-of-date heating and cooling system to keep your home comfortable, you may notice an immediate, significant difference in comfort with your new system.

Considerations for HVAC Replacement

While the benefits of a new HVAC system are extensive, they do carry one prominent consideration: new HVAC systems come with higher upfront costs when compared to unit repairs. While financing, coupons, and rebates are available to offset these costs, you may want to consider HVAC repair if you think your current unit has the potential to work efficiently and effectively while lasting for a long period of time.

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