The Perfect Time For Mini-Split HVAC Systems

Sep 28, 2020

Keeping your home’s temperature regulated in the fall and spring seasons does not always require the full effort of your HVAC system. During mild seasons, many homeowners opt to save money by turning on their mini-split systems instead. Here is everything you need to know about mini-split HVAC systems and how they can help you stay comfortable while saving money.

What is a Ductless Mini-Split System?

Mini-split heating and cooling systems work very similarly to standard HVAC systems with a few core differences. Rather than one large HVAC unit that uses ductwork to distribute comfortable air throughout your home, these systems deposit temperature-regulated air directly into the room they are in.

What Are Mini-Split HVAC Units Used For?

Ductless mini-split systems are commonly used to extend comfortable air to the garage, attic, or another area of your home that may not be sufficiently kept comfortable by your central HVAC system. They are also popular among older homes without ductwork. However, these characteristics also make them perfect for keeping you comfortable during mild seasons. These systems can be added to almost any room in an effort to solve moderate temperature problems.

Adaptable Temperature Solutions

Why pay to heat your whole home when you are spending all day in your office? Adding a mini-split system provides a new and adaptable layer of comfort for you to enjoy. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, these units do not require detailed zone work to adjust different areas of your home to different temperatures. Best of all, mini-split AC systems can reverse into heat pumps, making them suitable for all of your comfort needs.

Affordable Heating and Cooling

One of the primary benefits of mini-split HVAC systems is the fact that they are affordable to operate. In traditional HVAC systems, roughly 30% of the energy usage is lost while the air is traveling through the ductwork. Because mini-split systems are ductless, they prevent this energy waste—this is especially true of new, energy-efficient units. These systems also work to make your area comfortable without requiring you to extend this effort to your whole home. With cool fall temperatures in the morning and warm temperatures during the day, a mini-split system lets you toggle between settings guilt-free.

Targeted and Contained Comfort

You can keep your whole house comfortable and end thermostat wars in your home by using mini-split systems. Thermostat wars are often more than just the sign of different temperature preferences. Rather, these different preferences often indicate that your home is heating or cooling unevenly. Mini-split HVAC systems offer a perfect year-round solution to areas of your home that may not be getting enough HVAC attention as well as different temperature preferences.

Newcomb and Company Local Mini-Split HVAC Systems

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