Oct 03, 2019

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

The fall season can be a time of relief as the colder weather sweeps away the summer heat. This change in season also means preparing your HVAC system to switch over from air conditioning settings to your heating preferences. This switch can create seasonal problems for your system. Prepare your HVAC unit for the fall weather with these considerations, provided by your local Raleigh HVAC experts.

Which Heat Settings Are Best For Fall?

The general rule of thumb when turning your heat on is to set it to your lowest comfortable temperature. This can keep you warm while helping you save money and keeping your HVAC system working without unnecessary stress. The Department of Energy also suggests that you can optimize your heating system use by setting your temperature back by 7-10 degrees when the home is empty during the day. This can help you save money on your electric bill and minimize your heat usage without threatening your home’s plumbing system. This is also easiest with programmable thermostat systems.

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Switching on Your Heat

Before switching on your heating system, complete a visual inspection of your HVAC unit. Your unit should be clean, dry, and in standard working order. Keep an eye on your system, especially when switching your heating on for the first time. When turning on your heating system, know that your unit may take time to boot back up; however, continued lack of function is a sign of a larger issue. If your heating system doesn’t seem to be working, shut your system off and call a local heating professional for assistance.

Take Advantage of the Season’s Downtime

If the weather is temperate enough between your switch from ac to heating settings, take this time to prepare your system for the cold weather. Schedule your seasonal maintenance and inspection during this window to prevent any HVAC issues before they can occur. You can also use this time to make sure that your unit is clean, your air filter is new, and your system is completely ready to go.

Schedule Your Visit Early

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At the first signs that your heating system might not be working, call a professional for assistance. If you wait until temperatures drop significantly (as most homeowners do), you might be left waiting with the crowds in uncomfortably cold temperatures. Getting your home stuck in the cold can create problems for your plumbing and your personal health. Get the heating help you need at the first sign of an issue to avoid letting the problem worsen.

Prepare Your HVAC System For Hurricane Season

The fall weather also means hurricane season, which can be especially impactful along the coast. These hurricanes can pose a threat to your unit and create added stress on your HVAC system. Make sure that you check the status of your HVAC system after each storm to ensure that it stays in healthy working order.

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